"Since introducing the App, our loyal customers are ordering a lot more products. After just 4 months, the App is responsible for 8% of our revenue."

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Why did your store need a Shopping App?

“I founded Musthaves to make design furniture accessible for everyone. To be able to do so we differentiate ourselves by selling our products online. When our mobile traffic outgrew even desktop traffic, we knew it was time for action. Having a shopping App has a lot of advantages. People are much more likely to use an App on the couch or on the go, because it’s more user friendly and quicker. I like to compare it to Facebook. Everybody checks Facebook with the App, instead of the responsive site. I think with shopping it works the same: in the end, the best user experience prevails, and native Apps offer a far superior experience to even the best mobile websites.”

What made you choose JMango?

“It was an hard requirement that the App would be integrated with our own online shop in Magento. Otherwise we would have two back-offices and you’d have to manually update all the content, products, orders,  and stock levels on both sides. You can imagine that this would be time consuming and very error-prone. JMango was the only provider that offered the deep integration. Overall we are just very happy with the service of JMango and the results. The App looks beautiful! It’s clean, user-friendly, plus both our customers and suppliers are excited about it!”

How are the results so far?

“Beyond all expectations! Since the App was introduced, our loyal customers are viewing and ordering a lot more products than before. After just 4 months, the App is responsible for 8% of our revenue. Around 21% of all our customers downloaded the Musthaves App so far. Also the ordering process shows less bounces, compared to the responsive site. I expect that we will be able to improve the user experience and revenue even further by optimizing push messages and tracking all the App behavior in analytics.”