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Improve the mobile experience and drive repeat orders

To B2B brands loyal customers are crucial. A seamless mobile experience improves efficiency, increases loyalty and drives repeat orders.

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B2B ecommerce will overtake B2C

Today’s B2B buyers are digital savvy, use apps like Uber on a daily basis and expect similar mobile experiences from your B2B business. Give your customers the time-saving independence they need, with a feature-rich and well-designed B2B ordering app — delivered in a few weeks on our flexible and affordable Open SaaS platform.

What we offer:

Dedicated B2B app

Developed with B2B in mind

Buying behaviour in B2B is different. Bigger quantities, multiple decision makers, complex credit, contract, and payment terms. Our B2B app solution has you covered.

  • Create a bespoke experience Launch a password-protected app with customer-specific pricing and discounts.

  • Bigger orders need other flows B2B buyers will buy bigger quantities, colours and sizes. We’ve got you covered with volume based ordering options.

  • Payment flow for B2B buyers Our apps come with a payment flow design for B2B. Think of one-touch payments, multicurrency, post-payment options.

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b2b ordering apps jmango360

Enable ordering 'on-the-go'

Native & Progressive web app

B2B buyers are either in the store or on the road. Making ordering and paying easy with a PWA or native app will win their loyalty.

  • Alert buyers about back-in-stock products Push messages are the most effective way to communicate with mobile buyers, with higher engagement rates than email.

  • Become a preferred supplier with these features. Buyers can build shopping lists, add favourites, and view recently purchased items for fast repeat ordering.

  • Re-ordering is just a scan away. Instead of bouncing around between your site and emails, customers can snap pictures and buy with the barcode scanner.

a few important features for B2B

B2B ordering apps jmango360

Barcode scanner

Make re-ordering one scan away!

B2B buyers are usually either on the road, in a store or busy at the office. Make reordering as easy as possible with barcode scanning. Instead of bouncing around between your site and emails, all they have to do is take a picture.

b2b ordering apps push notifications

Push messages

Alert buyers when products are back-in-stock

Push messages are the most effective way to communicate with mobile buyers, with higher engagement rates than email. Grab their attention on the lock screen with new products or items that are back in stock.

b2b ordering apps native checkout

B2B payment flow

Offer a payment flow designed for B2B buyers

B2B buyers have other payment needs than consumers do. That’s why our apps come with a payment flow design for B2B. Think of one-touch payments, post-payment options, adjusted prices and integrated with all relevant payment gateways.

Why we're the best in town.

Grow your brand, not your workload. Say goodbye to costly developers and hello to our easy and flexible SaaS app platform.

  • Fast & affordable

    Up-and-running in 30 days based on a monthly fee, thanks to our flexible Open-SaaS platform.

  • Premium experience

    Apps by JMango360 average 4.8 star reviews. Give your customers a premium experience.

  • hassle-free-pwa

    Effortless upkeep

    Deep integration with your webstore’s backend, so app upkeep is effortless.

  • Stay in control

    Send push messages, view app analytics and make changes easily in our app platform.

  • intuitive pwa ecommerce experience

    Premium support

    With our onboarding program we’ll make sure your B2B customers will start using the app within weeks.

Today’s mobile-first B2B buyers will select or reject you based on how easy you make the ordering process —even when your prices are higher.

JMango360 by the numbers

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    App rating

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    Trusted partners

b2b ordering app wines

B2B results

De Lange unique wines

“As an entrepreneur I’m focused on simplifying everything for my customers.
After a long day of work, people in the hotel & restaurant business don’t want to open up their laptops to order their wines. Currently, 63% of our orders are being placed within the app!

Not only are sales skyrocketing, our customers are super happy with the convenience of ordering and push messages.”

Paul Frankhuizen, Owner Unique Wines

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