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How Studio Anneloes

gets 6x more screen time

Fashion brand Studio Anneloes gets 6x more screen time, increases LTV and generates incremental sales with their mobile app.

About the Brand

Studio Anneloes

Studio Anneloes is a premium apparel brand, focused on the modern woman with the aim of making women feel empowered and confident. The garments are made of so-called travel quality: fabrics that do not wrinkle and are wonderfully comfortable to wear. At Studio Anneloes, developing ‘honest’ products is paramount. All the items are produced in an environmentally friendly manner, meaning the items contain high-quality fabrics that last longer. The production of the clothing takes place exclusively in Europe.

We’ve been foolish not to launch the app sooner. We’ve seen tremendous results in screen time, average order value, and overall ROI. Every euro turns into 20 euros with the app.

Andre Kortekaas

eCommerce Manager

– Studio Anneloes

The Challenge

Andre Kortekaas and his team realized they needed an app. “There were several fashion brands in the industry that had already launched an app. And our customers were basically asking for it.” Apart from that, Andre and his team saw launching an app as the missing link in their current strategy. “Our customers are constantly on their mobile phones. With an app, we can increase the time they engage with our brand via push notifications and just have an overall better mobile experience.”

Andre Kortekaas, eCommerce manager

‘Customers are constantly on their phones. From waking up untill they go to bed. With the app, they spend a lot more time, and they get a better insight into our brand and collections.”

The Solution

Even though customers were asking for an app, Andre and his team didn’t, however, make the decision overnight. They had their hesitations about the level of effort behind launching a mobile app. “At Studio Anneloes, we like to do things fast. We had some hesitations about whether or not the whole process would be too time-consuming for our team. So we specifically looked for a company with a fast go-to-market. That’s how we found JMango360. You guys were also recommended by our agency, the speed of delivery appealed to us, and the overall great reviews and recommendations. There was a lot of trust.”

“We’re truly happy with the app and our partnership with you, with JMango360. The whole process of launching the app went smoothly. There was a clear understanding of our wishes, the design is beautiful, and it was done faster than expected. We also really appreciate how the customer success team is involved in driving downloads, thinking along with marketing campaigns, and the easy use of the app dashboard for sending push messages.”

The Results

The app blew away the team at Studio Anneloes. In just a few weeks they saw incremental growth in sales. But not only that. “We see that customers are spending a lot more time in the app than they do on our website. They spend about 10 minutes on the app, that’s 6 times more minutes on the mobile website. Getting more screen-time from customers is a very important metric for us. More screen-time leads to higher brand loyalty, more repeat purchases, and an overall higher life-time value.”

“We’re also seeing a higher average order value, up to 12%.”

The Mobile App ROI

Apart from getting more screen-time, incremental revenue, and higher order values, the app has a big impact on the overall marketing performance. Customers open the app directly, instead of using their browser to search for Anneloes, which improves the cost of acquisition. “The ROI of the mobile app is about 20%. So every euro we spend on the app, gets us 20 euros in return.”

Go for premium, nothing less.

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