JMango360 explained

App features

Learn about the core and advanced app features you’ll have access to. From segmented push notifications to custom UI and all the different check-out options.


Home-screen design

First impressions are everything. Make sure you wow your shoppers from the beginning to the end with an on-brand home-screen design. Pick one of our standard home screen designs. Or request advanced design options like multiple home screens.

Customize your UI

Your brand is unique, and so should your app be. Get complete control over your design with our custom UI services. Our app designers will ensure the mobile app fits your brand’s needs.

Rich notification

Show off your nice-looking goodies by adding a carousel of product images in your push message. You can add deep links to the category or product, making buying almost too easy.

Push notifcations, from basic to advanced

Did you know that push notifications have the highest open rate of all marketing channels? Use your push notifications wisely. With our software, you can send out basic push notifications, but also rich and segmented messages depending on your plan.

Segmented notification

Notifications become even more efficient when you send them to segmented audiences. With our OneSignal integration, you can segment and trigger any type of message flow. Think of triggers based on demographics, buying behavior, frequency of purchase… simply any type.

Coupon notification

Your customers love to get exclusive discounts. In fact, your customers spend 25% more money with a coupon than without one. So give your sales an extra push with notifications including a coupon.

Abandoned cart notification

Abandoned shopping carts are painful. But here’s the good news: you can now send push messages based on abandoned carts. Set the right triggers and drive customers back to your app.

Exclusive products

Make your app users feel special. By offering exclusive app-only categories and products your customers have reason to come back, and back again.

Advanced app onboarding

Give your customers a premium app tour with the app tour carousel feature, created with our OneSignal integration. You can create, adjust and launch the app tour yourself.


In-app messages

With the advanced in-app message carousel you can communicate even more directly with your customers. Think of highlighting your new summer collection, products in sale, a new campaign, or cool in-app features.


Related products

Maximize upselling with the related products feature. Research shows related products drive 10% higher average order values. Show related products, both under the product section and the shopping cart.

Product reviews

Reviews build trust. With the integrated review feature you can sync all your webstore reviews into your app and vice versa. More trust equals more sales.


Native checkout

The native checkout is built within the app and connects directly to your PSP. This makes the checkout fast and smooth and maximizes your payment success rate. No need to enter credit card numbers, bank details, or personal information. It’s already stored in the app. Buying is done with just a few clicks.

Apple pay

Start seamlessly accepting payments from your customers via Touch ID and Face ID, eliminating the need for them to manually enter their payment and shipping details. Apple Pay can be added for both the native and web checkout.

Web checkout

With the web checkout, you’ll trigger your current webstore checkout, but within the app. This is a great option for webstores that want to retain their current checkout, with all the custom integrations and settings already built in.

Product scanner

Connect the online to the offline world. Let shoppers scan barcodes and QR-codes of products anywhere, so they can instantly buy them in-app. Think of barcodes in-store, on flyers, online, and on their favorite products.


Smart App Banner

Start driving app installs with ease, thanks to the smart app banner. This banner promotes your app and helps visitors to install it with just one click. Every mobile site visitor sees the banner, so it’s a great way to leverage your current mobile traffic and drive app downloads.

Leverage the power of mobile apps

Make the most out of your mobile app and start driving even more sales and repeat purchases with our core and advanced features. Not sure which plan to pick, or what feature to add? Reach out to us!