All the Features Retailers Need

At JMango360 we offer you a Native App with all the features you need to increase your mobile revenue and boost customer loyalty. Our award-winning App offers all the features big brands need, at a price point that works for anyone. Even greater: all new features that we develop are included for free in your plan!


Free app creation

Sign-up for our platform, install our plugin to your webstore and a few minutes your existing product catalog is imported into our app builder. Start building your app without any obligation.

App for Android & iPhone

Your app will be compatible with all Android and Apple (iOS) devices and will meet the current design standards. You can publish your app to both the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

Customizable Design

Use our easy drag-and-drop tool to create a Shopping App that matches your style. You can upload your own banners, change the background colors and adjust the layout.


All Languages & Currencies

Our App can be adjusted to every language setting and currency. Customers from all over the world would have no trouble ordering in the App.

Multistore Capabilities

It’s easy to integrate multiple online stores with our App platform. If you want to launch multiple Apps, we can support you the whole way!

Unlimited Products

We think growth is a good thing. So no matter how many products you have, you pay the same price, regardless of the number of products you upload into the App.

Shipping & Payment Methods

We support and integrate with all your payment & shipping methods. Your customers experience a native, fast and easy checkout.

Deep Integration

Your App is deeply connected to your online store and back office. Your stock levels, new products and other relevant data are updated in real-time.

Convert & Retain

Native User Experience

Native Apps work faster, easier and deliver the best user experience, because the App makes full use of the device it’s installed on.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Unlimited use of push notifications and deep linking. This allows you to send users notifications that will link them directly to a product page.

Segmented Push Notifications

You can segment your users into different groups, so you can send the right message to the right users at the right time.

Fast and Easy Checkout

Due to the native experience and full integration with all relevant payment providers, this App offers a one-click checkout.

Faster Product Browsing

Mobile websites depend on an internet connection and are often too slow. This App is fully Native, which makes product browsing faster and easier.

Easy Filters

User experience is everything. With our App your users can search and filter products any way they want, without any superfluous content.

Look Book

With the Look Book function you can collect the perfect combination of products in one picture that can be clicked on, so customers can shop the perfect look.

Faster Login with User ID

Mobile site users often abandon shopping carts, because they need to fill out information on a tiny screen. Our mobile App has stored user ID’s, so this is history!


App Analytics Dashboard

View reports on the number of downloads, users, orders and average order value in our App Dashboard.

Google Analytics Integration

Integrate the App with Google Analytics, so you have 360 degrees insights into your customer’s behavior.

Advanced User Insights

See how users are behaving and if you discover any patterns average order value is, so you can use this knowledge.