All the Features Retailers Need

Become part of your customer's daily life and boost your revenue


No matter what size you are, you can grow your business by becoming part of your customer's daily life. Turn your online store into a stunning e-commerce App with just one click and start boosting your mobile sales. JMango360’s App-features are powerful enough for the big brands at a price point that works for anyone.

Connect your store, build iOS & Android Apps for free

Building your App is as easy as 1-2-3! Connect your store to our App platform and all your products, prices and content are automatically imported into an App. Design your App by adding banners and colors and you're ready to publish in just 20 minutes. 


+ Other platforms

Powerful branding with flexible Designs

Use our easy drag-and-drop tool to create a Shopping App that matches your style. You can upload your own banners, change the background colors and adjust layout. Want to change the banner for a special campaign or new arrivals? No need to pay pricey developers, you can do it yourself for free! We make sure you stay in control.


Increase Mobile Loyalty with advanced features

With an App, customers are twice as likely to return within 30 days and spend more than on mobile sites. Our features are focused on making your customers even more loyal. Think of unlimited push messages, synchronized shopping carts, wish lists and storage user IDs. 


Boost your Conversion with a Native App

Our Apps run Native on the iOS and Android devices of your customers. Therefore, product browsing and checkout are much easier and faster than on your mobile site. Research shows Native Apps convert 3x more often than mobile sites because of the improved experience.



Integrate with your online store

As a retailer, you need to manage so many channels. To make your life easier, your App is deeply integrated with your online store. Everything you change in your store will automatically be updated real-time in your App and all the in-App orders and data are synchronized with the backoffice of your store. Both channels are up-to-date effortlessly!


Advanced analytics to grow your business

JMango360 offers advanced reporting and analytics to provide you with insights into your customers’ behavior and purchases. Information you can use to get a 360 view on customers and tailor your push messages.


Free updates of new features 

Mobile technology is changing every day. That’s why our award-winning technology combines both the ‘beauty’ and the ‘brains’. Your subscription fee includes constant updates with the latest innovative features. A guarantee that you can offer your customers a best-in-class mobile commerce experience. Both today and tomorrow.


Quick onboarding with App Success Team

For most retailers it will be the first App they launch. With your own App Marketing Toolkit and support from our Success Manager, you will learn all the best practices to promote and improve your App. Together, we'll make sure your customers can seamlessly jump from web to App with a Smart App Banner and your App offers the best possible mobile experience.

All features

Unlimited Push Notifications

Unlimited use of push notifications and deep linking. This allows you to send users notifications which will link them directly to a product page.

iOS & Android

Build once, and get native Apps for both iOS and Android. Updates are included in the price, and require no extra efforts.

Synchronized Wishlists

Your customers can save products to their wishlist. Even after closing the App, the wishlist will be saved and synchronized with your web store.

Look Book

With the Look Book function you can collect the perfect combination of products in one picture so your customers can shop the look.

“We’ve increased our mobile revenue by 20% over the last 6 months, due to our amazing Shopping App. Customers say they shop easier and faster with the App and they just love the design.” - Brenda, Kids Department