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Mobile apps drive repeat orders and extra sales. Thanks to our easy app platform, your store can now launch a powerful app – fast, easy and without big budgets. Integrated with your webstore. Request a demo and see what we’re all about.

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3.5 x
Conversion rate
4 x
Product views
2 x
Repeat orders

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Based on benchmark data and your current (mobile) sales, we’ll give you an estimation of how much extra revenue your brand will generate with an app. Further more we’ll discuss:

  • How we’ll build your app
  • A quick platform tour (app analytics, sending push messages, and more)
  • Exact pricing per month


Launching our own mobile app has been the best decision we’ve made last year. 50% of orders now come in-app. I wish we’d done this sooner.

Sheida Ngoi

UX Manager

– Subdued

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