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Headless B2B made easy for BigCommerce

Traditional B2B buying experiences don’t come close to what modern B2B buyers expect. The first B2B solution for BigCommerce empowers your team to build webstores fast, while keeping full flexibility over the webdesign and features. It's built to work with your existing tools.

Why headless is the future for B2B commerce

Want to stay ahead of competitors? Then your B2B shopping experience has to exceed the expectations of B2B buyers. The superior headless B2B solution gives you all the speed and flexibility. You can launch your store fast with numerous built-in features and integrations to empower sales, while having full freedom to shape the design and add more plugins & features along the way. Always be ready for the future.

  • Headless enabled

  • Multi-Storefront enabled

  • Multi-Language enabled

"Making the switch from Magento to BigCommerce with the B2B solution of JMango360 was the best decision we've ever made. Our B2B sales has jumped 23% and we experience more freedom in adding new requirements."

Oliver Cole, Global Head of eCommerce @ Gill Marine

Main benefits

  • Speed up deals for sales reps

  • Make buying easier for customers

  • Sell B2B and B2C on one platform

Why make the change?

Start selling more online with better B2B experiences

Millennials are todays' B2B buyers. They expect consumer-like shopping experiences. With our Headless B2B solution for BigCommerce you can build better B2B stores and exceed your buyers' expectations. With all the built-in features you have the power to fuel B2B ecommerce — and the freedom to modernize it.

headless b2b commerce made easy
B2B BigCommerce Headless B2B solution JMango360

Who is this solution for?

Sell in every region and on every device

Our B2B solution for BigCommerce is a perfect fit for B2B companies that want to sell internationally, launch multi-storefront (B2B & B2C), or need more development freedom to empower their sales reps. It comes with all integrations and features you need for a fast launch, but doesn't limit your team from meeting on-going business requirements.

Composed of the best in MACH

Launch faster with your choice of headless tools

Kickstart your headless build without reinventing the wheel.

  • Next.JS (Framework)

  • Storyblok (Content Management System)

  • SalesLayer (Product Information Management)

  • Akeneo (Product Information Management)

  • Vercel (Deployed on)

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All the features you need to sell faster:

Bulk ordering

Decrease the time of manual work

B2B orders are quite different then consumer orders. While consumers order one item at a time and only for themselve, business consumers order products in different sizes, colors and options to resell in their stores. Easy bulk ordering options save a lot of time and frustration.

Sell on mobile, desktop or other

Make your products more accessible

JMango B2B extends the core BigCommerce engine by creating additional layers of user management, product database and applying JMango360 platform technology on top to create the (customised) user interface for Desktop, tablet and mobile views.

Company shopping list

Create wishlists for your company

It is possible to create and manage shopping lists for the company. This is suitable for business customers who frequently order a certain product range from the merchant/supplier.

bigcommerce b2b mobile app

Custom pricing/groups

Different pricing schemes for various business

JMango360 B2B solution utilises BigCommerce Price List and Customer Groups to present this to the end user. Each business customer is considered as a company, there can be multiple BigCommerce users associated with a company and having different roles. A company is subsequently associated with a customer group.

Sales masquerading + Sales rep App

Empower your Salesforce

Built into the JMango360 platform, we provide management of sales agents and roles that allow a number of companies to be assigned to a sales agent. The sales agent can subsequently masquerade as a company to place and manage orders on behalf of the company. This is also available in a user-friendly native app version.

Customisable web or mobile app UI

JMango360 B2B platform for BigCommerce

Our solution is architectured to have a separate front end user interface and backend system APIs. This allows further customisation of the user interface as per business requirements. We understand that individual merchants may have variations of ordering process and presentation of the products to the customers.

Some other features:

  • Headless enabled

  • Multi-Storefront enabled

  • Multi-Language enabled

  • Roles and permissions

    Manage the corporate account and set up multiple tiers of buyers who have specific roles and permissions.

  • Sales Masquerade

    Log in on behalf of a company, access shopping lists, add products to the cart and complete placement of the orders.

  • Shared shopping lists

    Manage and save multiple shopping lists, retrieve these for future use and seamlessly purchase previously saved products.

  • Payment methods control

    Add, edit, show or hide approved payments options for customers including purchase orders and credit card.

  • Quoting

    Merchants can create a quote or modify a buyer's request for quote.

  • Buy again

    Company users can view all company-level previously purchased products with the company-specific base price.

Relevant for your client or company

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