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How a Fish Named Fred

increases their order values with the app

After only 3 months of publishing their mobile app, fashion brand A Fish Named Fred sees higher order values, higher open rates, and a better performance of their loyalty program.

About the Brand

A Fish Named Fred

A Fish Named Fred isn’t your ordinary men’s fashion store. It’s a funky menswear brand on a mission to make the world a happier place with colorful prints. It’s for the men who don’t want to disappear into the gray mass. eCommerce manager Boris Schalker and his team go out of their way to inspire their customers. Whether that’s in-store, online, or via their Youtube channel, where they interview the rich and famous about fashion & lifestyle, all that was missing was a branded mobile app.

One thing I learned in Retail, is that customers want to feel special. The mobile app is a tool to do that, by offering in-app exclusive offers, campaigns and content.

Boris Schalker

eCommerce Manager

– A Fish Named Fred

‘Customers just want to feel special’

The Challenge

Boris and his team saw rapid growth on their webstore during the COVID years, and in addition to their loyalty program, they wanted to connect with customers on a deeper level. “An app is actually the easiest way to connect with our loyal customers. If there is something I’ve learned in my time [working] in retail, it is that the customer just wants to feel special. With the app, instead of just the webstore, we can connect with the customer and make them feel special, with [in-app] deals and marketing [push] messages exclusively for the app users.”


Boris Schalker, eCommerce Manager

“It’s a waste of money to pay two or three full-time salaries for app development, which is needed for building and running an app. Instead, we use JMango360.”

‘JMango360 saves us two full-time salaries’

Why JMango360

“I was thinking about the app for a long time, but it was just too difficult to hire someone and do it ourselves. Because all the work that has to be done after the delivery of the app is just too much work, it’s a full-time job. And with JMango360 it’s so much easier. You guys do it for us, instead of doing it ourselves. It’s just a waste of money and time to put a whole salary, or maybe two or three, on app development instead of using JMango360.”

‘Fast launch for sample sale’

The Solution

With so much time and money invested in building a powerful webstore on BigCommerce, they wanted a mobile app that reflected their brand. And not just that, Boris Schalker explains that their main focus with the app is to drive brand loyalty and lifetime value. So integrating the app with their loyalty program was a non-negotiable requirement. They also wanted to provide customers with exclusive content in-app, like interviews and styling advice.

All this had to be done in just a few weeks, before their yearly sample sale. Thanks to the deep integration JMango360 has with BigCommerce and daily tools like loyalty programs, the mission was accomplished. “We’re really happy with the results.”

Boris Schalker, eCommerce Manager

‘Push messages have the highest open rate of all our marketing channels combined.’

‘Push messages have the highest open rate’

The Results

According to Boris, the app automatically drives loyalty and increases average order value without even trying. “After being live for 3 months, about 10% of our revenue comes from the app. It’s a number we expect to grow rapidly over the next couple of months.”  Boris says the app is so well-designed and the push notifications are so easy to open, that it’s helping them increase brand loyalty almost on autopilot. “We see much higher open rates with push notifications, than all of our marketing activities combined.”

They also see a huge impact on their loyalty program. “Loyal customers that join our program, also collect points and rewards within the app. It increases engagement on all channels.” Boris adds: “In the app we can tell the full story of our brand, the whole journey instead of just presenting our collections.”

Another crucial tactic is that the app is downloaded on tablets in their physical stores. “This makes it so much easier for customers to see our whole collection, instead of just the pieces we sell in-store. They can also scan the barcode, and see if we have the product online in other sizes. They can buy it instantly in the app because we have it connected to the pin-terminal in-store, and it’s sent straight to the customer.”

‘App ads have a huge ROI’

Future growth

“We’re spending about 10 to 20 euros a day on app advertisements, to get more downloads. We get about 14,000 clicks and 1,000 downloads, so the ROI on app ads is pretty big. Especially if you take into account that all these app users are also placing orders.”

“By keeping the content in the app exclusive, and offering in-app exclusives, we continue to grow our app sales. Within our current loyal customer base, but also by growing our new customer base via app ads.”

Go for premium, nothing less.

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