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How the app of Junior Couture

increases lifetime value by 15%

The world’s leading kids’ designer clothing store Junior Couture integrated Adjust into their app to analyze data and improve their results. The impact is astonishing: 20% lower cost of acquisition, 15% higher LTV, and 13% higher average order values.

junior couture ecommerce shopping app with jmango360 case study

About the Brand

Junior Couture

Junior Couture is one of the world’s leading kids’ designer clothing stores. In the bustling world of children’s fashion, Junior Couture stands as a beacon of style and sophistication. In its flagship store in Dubai, on the website, and mobile app, customers find over 100 carefully selected international brands, from Hugo Boss to Versace.

In this case study, we discuss with Dominique Speakman, Chairman & Co-Founder, why Junior Couture launched a mobile app in 2022, their current in-app sales and other metrics, and how the recent integration with Adjust helps their team understand app attribution, their most valuable channels for app downloads, and overall return on investment. The Adjust data implementation was done by our trusted partner Wuzzon

“Customers that download the app spend more and also come back more frequently than mobile site users. Our acquisition costs decreased by 20%, while our lifetime value went up by 15%. 

Dominic Speakman

Chairman & Co-Founder

– Junior Couture

mobile app jmango360 for junior couture ecommerce shopping app case study

Why a mobile app?

The Challenge

With the surge in mobile device usage for online shopping, Dominique Speakman realized the importance of offering a dedicated mobile app and launched it together with the team at JMango360 back in 2022.

“80% of our visitors came from mobile devices. We knew a mobile app would give a more pleasant shopping experience in terms of convenience, speed, and extra communication options.”

“We were also looking for ways to deepen the bond with our customers. Kids’ fashion relies heavily on a strong fan base, repeat purchases, and high customer lifetime value. We wanted a mobile app to give our most loyal customers a more exclusive experience, for example by offering in-app exclusive products.” 

“With an app, you can also use push messages as a powerful marketing tool. It’s great for customers to stay up-to-date, and as a business, you’ll be able to increase the return rate. Second, with the app on their lock screen, customers are bound to open up the app instead of using Google. So the chance they’ll come back to your store is much higher.” 

Dominic Speakman, Chairman & Co-Founder

“20% lower cost of acquisition as a result of better campaign optimization and data driven decisions”

Why JMango360 was the best solution

The Solution

“We had specific requirements, so custom app development was on our minds. But at the same time, custom development is expensive. Not just for developing the app, but also for upkeep and maintenance. For us, the dealmaker was that JMango360 supports multi-language, multi-currency, and left-to-right. This is essential in the Middle East for the Arabic language.” 

“Via our IT agency, we were advised to contact JMango360. JMango360 offers a standard mobile app on Salesforce with built-in features for a monthly plan. Still, there is enough flexibility for custom work, like additional features, custom design, or extra integrations.”

Dominic Speakman, Chairman & Co-Founder

“We see a 30% app adoption rate. Customers that download the app spend more and also come back more frequently than mobile site users.”

The Results

“The mobile app has been live globally, with a focus on the Middle East, and it’s been part of our core online strategy ever since. The app has over 160.000 downloads with an active user base of 60.000 users per month and an app rating of 4.8. About 27% of our total online revenue comes from the app. 

“The app allows us to better engage with clients and generate more revenue. One of the key differentiators, compared to the website, are the push notifications to (re)engage customers and having a dedicated channel which make customers less likely to browse and compare online.”

This is visible in their app metrics. “The number of engaged sessions and engagement time is 4x higher in the app. We also get 13% higher order values compared to the site. Next to that, we decreased our marketing costs, because the app lowers our paid traffic from existing customers, it’s about 75% less. They open up the app directly. 

“About 30% of our total customer base downloads the app. Customers that download the app spend more and also come back more frequently than mobile site users. This has a big impact on our overall cost of customer acquisition, that decreased with 20%, and lifetime value, which increased with 15%.” 

Junior Couture puts a lot of effort in improving sales and engagement from push notifications. “Push messages are a great tool for engagement. The great thing about push notifications is that they appear on the messaging screen instead in an email inbox. It’s a completely owned channel, with the ability to personalize messages to specific customer groups. We focus on segmenting our messages based on, for example, previous buying behavior. That leads to more relevant messages and better sales results.” 

“With our recent Adjust integration, we have even more tools to boost our new app downloads and clients and generate more app traffic from our social channels via deep linking.” 

Dominic Speakman, Chairman & Co-Founder

“The app has a big impact on our overall cost of customer acquisition, that decreased with 20%, and lifetime value, which increased with 15%.” 

Mobile app results of Junior Couture

13 %
Higher Order Value
15 %
Higher Life-time Value
20 %
Reduction on CaC

Insights into the customer journey

The Adjust integration

After a successful launch phase, Junior Couture is on its way to transition into a growth phase. There is only one way to do that: by getting better insights into the full customer journey, and understanding app attribution, download sources, and overall return on investment.


We’ve partnered with Wuzzon, to implement the SDK of Adjust in the Junior Couture app. This way, Junior Couture can track downloads and interactions from various platforms, including Meta, Snapchat, Google Ads, Apple Search Ads and TikTok. Not only that, they can deep-link to the app on all these channels. Users can open the app directly in their preferred channel, like TikTok. 

Wuzzon is the market leader when it comes to App Growth Agencies in the Benelux. They are a certified Adjust Solutions partner and have a proven track record of helping brands grow with their app-first strategies.

“By adding Adjust, we have a much better understanding of which channels perform well, what attracts the right type of downloads and how we’ll attract more valuable customers. We can now track where our downloads come from, so we can identify high-performing marketing channels. Once we have a clear understanding, we can allocate our marketing budget to those high-performing channels to decrease our marketing spend even further and improve our profit.” 

“Next to downloads, we can also deep-link to the app, so our potential customers can open the app directly on their preferred social channel, like TikTok, or after a Google search. This is a huge benefit for our customers.” 

“We can also calculate the user acquisition costs and conversion rates, so we’ll start experimenting with what type of campaigns and messages attract high-value users at lower costs. From these learnings, we can tailor marketing campaigns to specific platforms and audiences for improved conversion rates. We’ll be able to improve the ROI of our marketing, and the overall ROI of the app.”

“With this valuable integration, we can make data-driven decisions, grow more sustainable, and get even more ROI from our mobile app.”

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