"Within just 3 weeks 9% of our customers already downloaded the App, which absolutely blew our minds!"

- Brenda, Kids Department

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Why did your store need a Shopping App?

“Me and my partner Ronny started the online ‘Kids Department’ store 5 years ago, because there were not many shops that offered unique fashion for kids. The store became a huge success, it was fantastic to make our dreams come true! But since the beginning of 2016 the percentage of mobile visitors outgrew all other devices, and the responsive site just doesn’t give the same user experience as a shopping App. We really saw it as a chance to grow in conversions and loyal customers. Next to that, having a shopping App is also an extra tool to distinguish ourselves from other stores.”

What made you choose JMango?

“Ronny and me are very busy with managing the store, so we can’t put too much time in the maintenance of the App. The amazing thing about the JMango solution is that it’s deeply integrated with Magento. All the changes I make in the Backoffice of my online shop, like adding new products or prices, is automatically synchronized real-time into the App. Same goes for orders that are placed by customers and changes in stock levels. How convenient is that?! We couldn’t find any other provider with the same integration. Finally, the low monthly fee took our last barrier away.”

How are the results so far?

“First of all customers just love the App! After asking them for feedback and tips, they all rated us with 5 stars. Secondly, within just 3 weeks 9% of our customers already downloaded the App, which absolutely blew our minds! Of course we expected some extra revenue but now, after just 6 months, 30% of our customers have the App on their phone and are responsible for more than 20% of the total revenue. Incredible! These customers purchase a lot more than before, so we are looking forward to where this is going.”