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How to do Magento mobile app development right

Magento is the world's biggest open-source e-commerce platform, possibly THE biggest e-commerce platform of any kind. It’s the product curation and transaction processing infrastructure for more than 740,000 websites, including the likes of Hermès, Nike and Gill Marine.

If you’re already using Magento, you don't need us to tell you why it’s great. But are you getting everything you can out of the investment?

Without a Magento e-commerce app working hand-in-hand with your desktop site, you’re leaving money on the table.

Customers want it all; that's nothing new. But 70% of online shoppers now say they want ‘omnichannel’ services, meaning seamless interactions with a brand through

multiple modes of access — bricks & mortar, desktop website, mobile website, social media, instant messaging, and crucially, mobile apps.

That’s asking a lot, but you definitely want omnichannel shoppers onside.

They have a 30% higher lifetime value than single-channel buyers. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a mint on custom Magento app development.

If you're not a Netflix or eBay, you probably don’t need to do Magento mobile app development from scratch. You can get all the branding, integrations, and slick functionality you want from a SaaS app building platform like ours.

It lets you open a new mobile door into your Magento web store — fast and for a lot less than you'd expect.

In this blog post, we'll delve into why and explain how the platform works. But first, let's set the scene.

What is a Magento e-commerce app?

A Magento e-commerce app is a mobile app for iOS or Android integrated with your Magento back-end. While they come in different shapes and sizes, they all have the same fundamental goal: open up access to your online inventory through a new mobile channel.

Instead of being limited to your desktop website, Magento apps give customers another convenient way to buy. They take your existing Magento catalog inventory, content, and payment settings and then deliver them through an app.

A Magento e-commerce app builds on what’s already been achieved by your desktop web presence and makes it mobile. It raises your online shopping game, creating the kind of seamless experience smartphone users take for granted.

Your website may be mobile-responsive, but only an app can offer customers m-commerce features like one-tap purchase, saved customer profiles, address and credit card autofill, bar code scanners, different billing and shipping addresses, and GPS-based services.

Time-saving tools like these make it easier for mobile shoppers to make a purchase when or wherever the urge to buy strikes them. They also make it easier for you to fine-tune offers and communications to each customer’s preferences and shopping behaviors.

Mobile app magento

Why do you need a Magento e-commerce app?

Because apps are what mobile shoppers want. They’re intuitive, easy to use, and immersive. They attract 90 percent of a mobile user’s attention, capturing more than 200 minutes per month of user time versus about 10 minutes spent on mobile websites.

And e-commerce apps are on fire. The number of mobile shopping apps is growing by more than 50 percent every year. That’s the highest growth rate in any app category — even higher than gaming.

Why? Because 66 percent of e-commerce sales now happen on smartphones. Shopping has gone mobile, and apps deliver the best mobile shopping experience. They save loads of time and let brands communicate with customers 1-2-1 about the things they care about most.

With your app icon lighting up the home screen, customers are more likely to visit your shop first. It’s a fact: app users come back to make extra purchases twice as often as mobile website shoppers.

So that’s the destination. But how do you get there?

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How to do Magento mobile app development right

If you’ve already put budget, time and effort into a Magento e-commerce engine, you won’t want to create a new one just to suit mobile customers.

Why reinvent the wheel? Better to keep your Magento back-end as-is and simply make your new app a new way to leverage it.

It’s totally do-able, and here’s how it works:

The process

01 We spend the time to get to know you and your brand. We meet with you to demo the platform so you can see exactly what you’ll get. Then we ask questions to understand your business objectives and begin mapping the best solution.

02 We propose an app that delivers, with designs, features and functionality to match your specific requirements.

03 Then we start to build. It’s here that we integrate your Magento store with the app platform and configure our Magento API to auto-sync all your catalog info, settings, payment types, permissions, customer data, stock levels, and product information — instantly in real-time.

04 With the Magento integration complete and working, we add key m-commerce features: one-tap purchase, auto-fill, push notifications, and more.

05 We test the finished prototype to make sure everything is working as it should.

06 Once we’re sure the app is bulletproof, we launch it in the app stores.

07 We're not done yet. After launch, we help you build an app marketing plan to drive downloads and maintain interest.

What you get

  • More sales. A Magento e-commerce app can increase mobile sales by 50%.

    Seamless integration with your Magento back-end. We've already done the work, speeding up development and simplifying the process.

    Excellent user experience with beautiful designs and everything future-proofed. We manage updates in the background so you can add new functions and options later as customer needs evolve.

    Great support. Even after you launch, we’ll be there to offer support and help you create app marketing campaigns to drive more downloads.

JMango360: the Magento e-commerce app development experts

If you’re looking at building a Magento e-commerce app of your own, there are loads of options out there. From digital agencies (excellent, but expensive) to DIY templates (cheap & cheerful, but limited). But there’s also a third way.

If you aren’t ready for a bespoke app, a cloud-based app building solution is the way to go.

Our open-source SaaS platform lets you build a premium Magento app in an affordable way. It doesn’t matter if your business is large, small, or in-between. For a flat monthly fee, you can create a Magento e-commerce app that delivers everything mobile shoppers demand — without having to choose between:

Running a massive, time-consuming custom development project
Cutting corners on features and performance with an off-the-rack template

Our customizable building blocks speed things up and keep costs down. You’ll get full Magento integration and advanced mobile shopping features like one-touch checkout, bar code scanner, push messages, branding, and more — without the heavy investment of time and money that created-from-scratch builds require.

If you’re looking for a Magento mobile shopping app on a flexible, premium, cost-effective platform, we’d love to hear from you.

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