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How to Build an eCommerce App without Coding?

In this article, you’ll find the 6 best mobile app builders you can use to build an app without coding.

These platforms come in handy, as users spend 89% of their mobile time inside apps – and 56% of all traffic is now mobile. If you want to win at digital marketing, you’ve got to be mobile – and you’ve got to have one or multiple apps.

In the past, this meant spending months and thousands of dollars on developing and releasing even the most basic apps. However, in the past few years, things have changed drastically.

Nowadays you can make your own app for little to no money – even if it’s a visually stunning, feature-rich game or e-commerce app. All you need to do is use an app builder that allows you to create an app with no (or very little) code.

To help you find the best platform for your niche and end goals, we’ve collected the best and most powerful no-code app builders that can be used for different purposes.

Let’s start with…

1. Bubble

Create Apps Using a Drag ‘n’ Drop Interface (and No Coding)

The first app builder we’ll review is Bubble: a straightforward and versatile service that requires no code. Bubble features a backend that’s rich in features and options. Just look at the screenshot below:

app without code bubble

In terms of functionality, you get a drag-and-drop interface, a vast number of modules and a myriad customizable options for each form, button and action.

There are also 250 API and app integrations, from Amazon and Amazon Products to NBA Data to Zapier. This means you can easily integrate your app with all the other services you use.

apps code ecommerce

On the design side of things, Bubble is extremely powerful thanks to its drag-and-drop interface. You can more or less make your app whichever way you want it to – and because Bubble is cross-platform, you can easily make an app look good on Android and iOS.

Another advantage is that Bubble has a proven track record of helping users make profitable apps. Kollecto made its inventor, Tara Reed, a millionaire – and helped her secure $100,000 in funding.

This means that you Bubble can help you produce ready-for-use apps that can realistically compete on the open market: a significant advantage.

The only thing that Bubble is weak at is making specialized apps, e.g. for visual galleries, ecommerce or gaming. If you want to make a gaming app, you may want to consider something like…

2. GameSalad (Gaming)

Build Cross-Platform Gaming apps without Coding

As the name suggests, GameSalad is a game builder. It requires no coding, or very little, and can help you create apps that are virtually identical to hit games released in the past. Case in point: here’s a screenshot from “Buzzy Bee”, a “Flappy Bird” knock-off:

game ecommerce app

Compared to the other apps on our list, GameSalad’s interface is rather simple, but the service has a number of advantages. Specifically:

GameSalad is available for both Mac and Windows, meaning anyone can use it.
The apps are cross-platform, meaning you can simultaneously release to the Android store and the Apple store.

GameSalad uses the Lua programming language in its back-end, giving you all of its power while requiring none of the coding knowledge.

All in all, this is the single best game builder out there – and we’ve even seen experts use it to make mock-ups and demos.

Another highly specialized app, this time for making back-ends, is…

3. Treeline (Back-end)

Build an Enterprise-Level Back-End without Coding.

ecommerce app back

Broadly speaking, front-end app builders have been around for years. They don’t surprise anyone anymore. But what if we said you could make an enterprise-level back end in hours or days – and with no coding?

That’d be amazing, right?


And that’s what Treeline helps you do. It’s essentially a large database of replicable, re-usable, time-tested modules that can be assembled to do things like…

- Integrate with your Stripe or BrainTree API to bill customers
- Integrate with Instagram, YouTube or Facebook to get video views and other statistics
- Send HTTP and mail requests
- Integrade with Javascript code
- And much more!

The best part? The code behind Treeline has been extensively tested. This means you never risk writing bad or awkward code that slows your service down or leads to problems down the line. Every single module is inherently useful and elegant.

And once you’re done, you can export node.js code that’s compatible with whatever hosting platform you’re using.

Is your head spinning from the tech talk at this point? So is ours – so let’s move on to a simpler app builder that allows you to build an E-Commerce app without coding: JMango360.

4. JMango360 (eCommerce app)

Build an e-commerce app without coding, for free.

JMango360 is the winner of Magento’s Best Innovation Award – and one of the most dynamic ecommerce app builders out today.

What the app does is incredibly simple. It takes an existing store build in a platform like Magento, Bigcommerce, Lightspeed, PrestaShop, etc. Then it takes all the content from a store – from text and images to products and their prices – and turns that store into an app.

ecommerce app no code

After this, you can customize the looks and functionality of your app before instantly publishing it to the Apple and Android stores.

The end result?

You get your very own ecommerce app in as little as 30 minutes, flat… And with absolutely zero coding or money. Building and designing the app is completely free of charge; you only pay a low subscription fee if you decide to publish the app.

What’s incredible about this is that you don’t even have to use a drag-and-drop interface. You also don’t have to go through the chore of entering your store data into an app. The plugin does everything for you… And that’s not all.

The apps you create with JMango are fully integrated with your online store’s backend and payment gateways. This means that all your orders, payments and stock levels are updated automatically. Once your app is published and sales start rolling in, all you have to do is fulfill orders and continue working as usual.

Talk about plug and play, huh?

Next up, we’ve got an app that’s a bit different to the others on our list. It’s a little less customizable while being more “out of the box” and offering immediate usability. We’re talking about…

5. BuildFire (Multi-purpose)

Build a restaurant app without coding.

BuildFire allows you to create apps for all kinds of businesses, from religious organizations (i.e. churches) to in-house apps. It’s especially useful for the restaurant, hotel and education businesses. It does this by offering you a large number of templates that can be customized in just minutes, and letting you customize them easily.

The cool thing about BuildFire is that it’s very intuitive. From picking a template to customizing it to publishing your app, the whole thing is almost relaxing in its simplicity.

The downside to BuildFire is that it’s a little limited in advanced functions. It can do a lot – but it won’t, for example, import your store data from a website, integrate with your e-commerce or help you build a back-end.

Last but not least, let’s take at the biggest name in app building: Google.

6. Google App Maker (low-code development)

Build a low-code app with Google App Maker.

Google’s new app maker is based on code that Google used to make its own 300+ apps. For now, it’s exclusively available to G Suite Business customers here.

From what we know right now, the app maker will be a little harder to use than the ones above; it’s low-code rather than no-code. At the same time, it promises advanced features like point-and-click data modeling, which will make it a coding alternative for serious developers.

And there you have it! With this list, you have all the tools you need to make an app for your business quickly and easily.

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