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Report: The State of Mobile Apps in eCommerce

The State of Mobile Apps in eCommerce.

A benchmark on the impact of mobile shopping apps in eCommerce.

Mobile shopping apps are well-known for driving revenue and loyalty, but how much exactly? This report shows apps have a huge impact on every step in the buying journey, based on research performed on eCommerce stores with a mobile app in fashion, cosmetics, and FMCG.

Apps outperform other devices on almost all metrics, like session time, visit frequency, conversion rate, order value, and revenue share. Mobile apps not only help to increase revenue and lifetime value, they also help to reduce customer acquisition costs.



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The State of Mobile Apps in eCommerce 2024 equips you with essential analysis.

  • Session time: Getting more screen time from customers plays an important role in driving loyalty. With 9.15 minutes, customers spend a whooping 6.4x more time in-app versus the mobile site.

  • Revenue share: Even though apps account for 30.30% of active users, they have the highest revenue share (39,48%) across all devices – even beating desktops.

  • Conversion rate: Mobile apps drive 4x more customers through the purchase funnel than mobile sites, with the highest conversion rate (6.14) of all channels. 

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