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How Gill Marine increased mobile conversion by 5x


  • 4000+

    App downloads

  • 5,3X

    Higher conversion rates

  • 41%

    Increased mobile transactions

‘Giving customers the mobile experience they deserve,’ that was the driving principle for marine apparel brand Gill Marine when they created their first mobile app. The approach delivered — big time. Mobile conversion quadrupled, a result most e-commerce brands can only dream of.

‘People are glued to their phones’

Gill is the world leading marine apparel brand for activities on and around the water. Since 1975 their products have been adored by water lovers and professionals everywhere, including the British Olympic Sailing Team. In 2020, Gill decided it was time to look closely at the mobile experience the company was delivering to customers. “Nowadays people are glued to their mobile phones 24/7. And not just when they're on-the-go, but at home too. With the huge growth in mobile time-spent, our customers needed a top-notch experience. That’s when I started getting curious about what a mobile app would add to our digital strategy.”

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‘A great partner, for now and the future’

“We were a bit sceptical at first about how much value an app could deliver. JMango360 showed us how great UX and beautiful app design have improved the mobile experience and raised revenues for other clients, so we decided to go forward. They used a SaaS platform solution rather than build-from-scratch, so the pricing was reasonable and the timelines were fast. The app is fully integrated with our BigCommerce webstore too, which is a huge time-saver.”

Their B2C shopping app has been live for almost a year, and thanks to its success a B2B ordering app is now in the pipeline too. “JMango360 is a great business partner and a lovely team to deal with. We’ve been using JMango360 for our B2C App for almost a year now and the service is second to none. The team is always on-hand to help with support queries, and implementing new features never seems to be an issue.”

‘App conversion is 5.3 x higher’

“The app results have exceeded our expectations and we’re very happy with the service. We’ve seen the number of mobile transactions increase with 41% post the app launch. The conversion rate is about 5.3x higher than our mobile website and even 5x higher than on desktop. We’ve had 4000+ downloads and only 5-star ratings from customers. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.”

Gill Marine get’s full app marketing support from the JMango360 team to continuously improve results.

“Our app consultants, Danielle and Jasper, are in regular contact and often suggest marketing and social activities to help increase sales and grow a wider app audience. This is so helpful being new to the ‘app world’. All round, JMango360 is a great fit for us and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

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