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How e-commerce agencies can go mobile-first

Mobile’s share of e-commerce is snowballing, but many agencies are struggling to turn visitors into paying customers. How can they respond to growing demand for mobile apps? By adding a fully-integrated m-commerce capability – in one easy step.

Are your clients struggling to bridge the m-commerce gap – watching mobile traffic boom while conversions stay flat? Adding app development to your services will build stronger client relationships and deliver the ROI they desire.

Why partnering makes it easy for e-commerce agencies to go mobile-first.

You’ve probably created hundreds of successful web stores for desktop and responsive mobile browsers – and for a long time that was enough. But things have changed. Mobile traffic is beating desktop and mobile sales are creeping up – but they’ve also hit a barrier.

“Traditional webstores are struggling to turn smartphone visitors into paying customer.”

It’s part of what we call the mobile gap. You tweak and update mobile responsive sites as best you can, but the impact on conversions is tiny.

Big Brands like Nike and Asos have massively increased mobile sales by building their own native or progressive web apps (PWAs), moving away from mobile-responsive sites to ensure a more straightforward and seamless customer journey.

According to the latest research, moving to an app is the only way for online retailers to boost mobile sales and conversion. With high competition for skills, building a mobile dev team can be expensive and recruitment takes time. Luckily, there’s a shortcut.

Why your e-commerce agency needs to be mobile first

Research from Criteo shows that mobile apps are the best-converting channel in e-commerce, with 30% YoY increase in-app transactions worldwide.

- Forrester says mobile has become the dominant digital touchpoint, so brands have to elevate their mobile experiences to win, serve and keep loyal customers.
Whatever reservations consumers had about m-commerce in the past are history. Buying things on your smartphone isn’t a fad; it’s how Millennials want to shop.

Yet it’s still pretty common to arrive at a retailer’s mobile shop and find the buying experience painful: complicated checkouts, zero option to store payment details, jumping between screens.

App marketing success jmango360

It’s no wonder shopping cart abandonment rates on mobile are still higher than on desktop. All too often, the limits of mobile-responsive web stores are to blame.

That’s why brands like Puma and Lancome have invested in apps and transformed conversion as a result. They’re now offering smartphone shoppers a branded experience that takes full advantage of the technical capabilities iOS and Android deliver:

- Stored customer profiles
- Auto-fill of delivery address and payment details
- Fast checkout
- Content and message personalization
- Notifications
- Options for virtual or augmented reality
- Simpler navigation
- And a logo’d icon that’s always on the home screen

As an agency, you want to guide your clients to great results. That means considering all the possible options for upgrading m-commerce capability.

Building a native app or progressive web app (PWA) will be the answer for many. But instead of investing in a new mobile app development team – or risking lost business if clients decide to look elsewhere – start creating the apps your clients need with our platform.

Partner with JMango360

There are a thousand different use cases for PWAs and native apps, and here at JMango360, we’ve grappled with them all.

Years of experience delivering high-converting, loyalty-building m-commerce properties have given us the expertise to create an Open SaaS platform that you can use to build an amazing storefront – in just a few weeks.

It’s a ready-to-use solution that keeps power over app development in your hands. You can build a native app or PWA quickly and customize it to client needs.

Adding our platform to your agency toolkit also enables you to become a one-stop-shop – making it easier to protect and grow current client relationships.

Here’s how it works:

- Integrated: connect seamlessly to all major platforms: Magento, Bigcommerce, Prestashop, and more.
- Branded: Add the design elements you need to ensure proper branding.
- Ready-to-use: standard e-commerce features are ready out-of-the-box. You can also add new features – with help from our team if needed.
- Flexible: Continuously extend functionality and update as required.
- Yours: you determine the price paid by the end client.

The result?
Clients see bigger mobile results from their e-commerce spend. That’s more customer happiness for them — and more loyalty for you.

Want to know more?

At JMango360, we are experts at creating best-in-class m-commerce apps that boost conversion and loyalty. We partner with e-commerce agencies to extend their service offering and improve mobile outcomes for their clients.

Use our platform to create native apps, PWAs, fine-tune app install marketing strategies, set-up and execute app marketing campaigns, and improve App Store Optimization.

Get in touch if you’d like to explore partnering opportunities or hear more about our PWA platform.

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