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How e-commerce agencies can strengthen their portfolio

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are already enabling big brands like Alibaba and Walmart to increase conversion and revenue. A new approach could help e-commerce agencies deliver the same benefits to their clients in just a few weeks.

Helping clients make the shift to m-commerce can be a struggle.

ou’ve probably adapted desktop web stores for mobile browsers – a great start, but the user experience can be a conversion killer. Credit cards aren’t stored and completing transactions requires lots of scrolling, or jumping from screen to screen.

Achieving the UX of a native app is often the ambition, but these are big projects. You need a lot of budget and a lot of time. You’ll also have to assess whether your dev team has the coding expertise that a native app requires.

It’s a trap, and you’re probably already looking for a way out.

That’s good – because the pressure to help clients raise their m-commerce game is only going to get worse. But don’t worry, there’s a way out of this trap, and we think we have the answer.

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Help them, or lose them

Have you noticed the growing gap between mobile and desktop conversion? It’s a safe bet your clients have.

Smartphones send more than 56 per cent of traffic to retailer websites, yet mobile converts at less than half the rate of desktop – 2.25% versus 5%.

Mobile sites and sub-optimal purchase journeys are usually to blame. Smart phones and native apps get faster, smarter, and more function-rich with each upgrade cycle. That’s driving up the level of expectation for mobile UX.

Clients see the gap widening, and of course you want to help them close it. But if you can’t react quickly – or the budget is too much for them to digest – there’s a risk they’ll seek solutions somewhere else.

What you need is a way to help clients bridge the difference in desktop and mobile results, without staffing-up or making big changes to your agency business model.

The rise of PWAs

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) use the advanced capabilities of modern web browsers to deliver a shopping experience that is more like a native app. They are deployed to servers but accessible via URLs and indexed by search engines.

PWAs act and ‘feel’ like a native app, but without the barrier of having to download and install. They work on any device, load fast, and use less data.

They’re also easier to build than a native app – and a lot less expensive.

Do you need proof? Look no further than e-commerce giants like Alibaba and Walmart.

They’re already using PWAs to increase conversion and revenue. Gartner says PWAs are on track to replace 50 per cent of mobile web stores this year.

Creating a successful and on-brand PWA still needs specialist experience and skillsets. But adding them to your service offer doesn’t have to be a pain.

Partner with JMango360

We’ve built an Open SaaS solution for PWA that keeps the power over app development in your hands. You can build a robust application in just a few weeks and customize it to client requirements.

Adding our PWA solution enables you to become a one-stop-shop – making it easier to protect and grow your current client relationships.

It works like this:

- Integration: Our API connects seamlessly to all the major commerce platforms like Magento, Bigcommerce, Prestashop.
- Design: The design features are flexible, so you can play Picasso and add the design elements you need to ensure proper branding.
- Functionality: All standard eCommerce features are ready to use out-of-the-box. Together with our team it is possible to add new features if needed.
- Updates: After implementation, you can continuously extend existing functionality.
- Marketing: We can help you build an app marketing programme for your clients to boost their results.
- Control: you determine the price paid by your client.

Your clients will also see better results from their m-commerce investments. That equates to greater satisfaction, higher loyalty, and competitive advantage.

Want to know more?

At JMango360, we are experts at creating best-in-class m-commerce apps that boost conversion. We partner with e-commerce agencies to extend their service offering and improve mobile outcomes for their clients.

Use our platform to create PWAs, fine-tune app install marketing strategies, set-up and execute app marketing campaigns, and improve App Store Optimization. Get in touch if you’d like to explore partnering opportunities or hear more about our PWA platform.

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