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Why your fashion brand needs a mobile strategy [whitepaper]

Why B2B brands need to embrace mobile

Smartphones drove more than 56 percent of traffic to retailer websites last year and is expected to grow to 68 percent by 2022. Yet mobile traffic converts at less than half the rate of desktop. Something’s broken.

More and more people are browsing products on their smartphones, but something is stopping them from following through with a purchase. All that traffic, but without the corresponding uptick in sales. What’s up?

Table of content:

- Why B2B brands need to embrace mobile
- Looking for the first B2B Uber
- 3 reasons why B2B companies need to take mobile seriously
- Why the B2B mobile journey is different
- What apps can do that mobile sites can’t
- The case for B2B e-commerce Apps
- Recognizing B2B customer diversity
- Move your B2B mobile strategy forward today

Download the Whitepaper and find out how to grasp the full potential of mobile!

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