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eBook: The Mobile Commerce Playbook For Ecommerce Brands

Table of Content

  1. Introduction to Mobile Commerce
  2. Why Most Brands Fail with Mobile Commerce
  3. How To Optimize Your Mobile Site
  4. Perfecting Checkout and Leveraging Mobile Payments
  5. Unlocking the Power of Your Own Mobile App
  6. The Art of Personalizing Mobile Commerce Experiences
  7. Mobile support
  8. Communicate On Mobile: Email, SMS & Push Notifications
  9. Mobile Advertising
  10. Mobile Budget
  11. A Future Outlook


The Scope Of This Guide

This guide will equip you with essential tools to maintain a competitive edge in the mobile-first era. Utilize it to construct, enhance, and expand your mobile sales – drawing on exclusive insights from a multitude of esteemed mobile marketing experts.


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