Mobile Site versus Mobile App for Retail

By now every retailer probably knows that he needs to go mobile. It is not a question of necessity anymore, but a matter of how to.

There are a lot of options for your company to deal with mobile and it is really difficult to choose between the wide range of options. That’s why we have summarized the differences for you.

Mobile site, Web App or Native App

There are three main options to go mobile:

  • Responsive website
  • Web Application
  • Native Application

The easiest one to explain is a responsive website. Responsive websites provide an optimized viewing experience and easy navigation for users on any device. This means it doesn’t matter if you open the website on a desktop computer or on a smartphone. The designs will adapt to the device on which the website is opened.

A web Application is similar to a responsive website. Web Apps are mobile optimized web pages that look like an App. Web Applications run in a web browser, meaning they lack flexibility. Web Apps can be used across all platforms as long as users have access to the internet, just like responsive websites.

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How to use Native apps

Native Apps are written using the operating system’s specific language of mobile devices which ensures the best mobile experience for the end users.

They run locally on devices, enabling to take full advantage of the device’s hardware. Moreover, Native Apps can be used without an Internet connection, meaning they even work offline.

A mobile website works and is adequate in lots of cases, but related to webshops, your mobile channel can be much better. Native Apps provide customers with the best user experience. They are more convenient, faster and easier to navigate than any other mobile solution, resulting in higher conversion rates.

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