Mobile Commerce Statistics and Trends from Invesp

Buying behavior is rapidly changing and is forcing ecommerce companies to adapt.

It doesn’t matter whether the consumer is 55 or 15, every person has shifted to digital in some way – from booking a trip, to diner reservations, to buying music, to gift shopping.

In the research of Invesp this trend is becoming more and more visible. 1.6 billion people used their mobile devices to shop online globally in the year 2014. However, the research shows that by 2017 this will be two billion!

Mobile site is only a part of mobile strategy

A few years ago it was enough to have a mobile-friendly website. Having a mobile site nowadays is just a piece in the mobile puzzle. As the user experience of customers evolves, simply having a responsively-designed website is not enough.

Your customers demand more and prefer native Apps over mobile sites: over 90 percent of our time spent on mobile devices was spent in native Apps, versus just 10 percent in mobile web browser. A responsive-designed online store is very important to satisfy your new customers and people who browse the web. However, having a native shopping App increases conversions with existing customers.

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Important facts from Mobile Commerce research

Although the research shows that consumers are making a huge shift towards shopping with Apps, still a lot of merchant don’t offer the (right) Shopping App experience. Therefore Invesp expects to see App conversions grow in the coming years, if merchants are able to make the same switch. Let’s look at some important outcomes:

  • Two billion mobile shoppers globally by 2017
  • Mobile shoppers spend twice as much, compared to any other device
  • 42% will do more shopping with their mobile phone next year
  • 53% of smartphone and tablet users will shop on company-specific Apps

Check all the facts of the report

Want to see the all the facts and figures? Check out the website of Invesp!

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