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How to Improve your Mobile App Performance?

The biggest reason why your customers don’t return to your app is mobile app performance. Bad app performance will actively hurt your brand and scare potential customers away from you.


Why Mobile Apps are the Next Thing for Fashion Stores

Fashion e-branding isn’t just about having a fancy web layout. 37% of all clothes and accessories were in fact sold through mobile apps last year. It’s the most effective way to retain customers and stay top of mind.


5 Highly Effective Push Notification Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

Get More Opens, Clicks, and Conversions With These 5 Highly Effective Push Notification Tips.

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How to Future-Proof your M-Commerce Strategy

How do you create a future-proof m-commerce strategy that works immediately - and continues to work as time goes on and new technologies emerge?


Do You Really Need a Mobile eCommerce App?

5 years ago, that question was: “why do I need a mobile website?”And now, the question of the hour is, “why do I need an ecommerce app?”


Our CCO Eelco van Wijk Talks about M-Commerce Apps at MagentoLive UK [Video]

At MagentoLive the entire Magento ecosystem & commerce innovators come together. Our CCO was asked to participate in an expert panel.

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The Only Right Answer to the Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web-Based App Debate

If you're looking for ways to improve your mobile commerce results there is only one right answer to the Native, Hybrid, Web App debate.


The Ultimate Guide to App Store Optimization

By the end of this article, you’ll know your app store optimization fundamentals inside and out.


eCommerce vs. mCommerce: who will be dead in 2022? [1-min video-]

eCommerce and mCommerce are both rapidly growing. Watch the video to see the shift in this trend and how you can react to it.


eCommerce vs. mCommerce: who will be dead in 2022?

mCommerce versus eCommerce: read all the facts and figures and why traditional e-commerce may soon be dead.

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5 No-BS Reasons Every Online Store Needs a Shopping App

Big retailers get 50% more mobile transactions in apps vs their mobile website. These and more reasons why every online store needs an app.


6 M-Commerce App Trends You Need to Know

M-Commerce is booming and mobile apps are leading the way. Read these 6 M-Commerce trends that will boost your revenue.

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The 6 Best Mobile eCommerce Apps (2017 Edition)

Thinking of building your own E-Commerce app? Get inspired by these 6 best E-Commerce apps and your customers will shop till they drop!

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Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites [Watch the 2 minute Video]

Before you can evaluate what the benefits are of having an app versus a mobile website, it's important to understand the differences. This 2 video will help you to make the right choice.

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NEVER build your own E-Commerce App without these 4 tips

Making an E-Commerce App? Answer these 4 questions first if you want to succeed. Fail to get these right and you will lose customers.


How to build an app without coding?

In the past, building an app meant spending months and thousands of dollars. In this article, you’ll find the 6 best code-free app builders.

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8 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App Marketing Results

Mobile apps are booming! Understand how mobile app marketing works, and make it part of your strategy. These simple and replicable tactics will boost your downloads & purchases.


How to boost your E-Commerce sales with Push Notifications

With an open rate of 67-90%, push messages are the best performing channel in E-Commerce. Read these 4 best practices on push messages to boost your sales.

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Mobile App vs Mobile Website

Which is best for your online store?

Let’s unravel the secrets to mobile app vs mobile website forever and see how you can use them both to strengthen your mobile commerce strategy.


Why Sweden rocks in ecommerce

Forbes says Sweden is the #1 country for business. Especially talking about ecommerce, the Nordic country is great to start your business. And here's why.

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Five signs Retail Apps will be mainstream for SMBs in 2017

Developing a strong mobile strategy goes beyond just offering a mobile responsive website.

Mobile commerce

Must-know mobile commerce trends for 2017

The reason you are reading this article is probably because you know that mobile commerce is here to stay.

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Mobile Commerce Statistics and Trends from Invesp

Research of Invesp shows 2 billion people will shop on mobile devices this year. Check all the Mobile Commerce trends 2017.

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Women are the frontrunners in Mobile Shopping

Research by Liftoff shows that the chance a woman uses her smartphone to purchase online is 86%.

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Who killed the tablet?

“Tablets are dead”, I read on TechCrunch earlier this year, headlining an article about the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

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Mobile Site vs. Mobile App?

By now every retailer probably knows that he needs to go mobile. It is not a question of necessity anymore, but a matter of how to.

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