Mastering the Art of B2B mobile commerce [White Paper]

Why B2B brands need to embrace mobile

Today’s business buyers – many of them Millennials – are using their smartphones first when looking for vendors and getting the products, information, and customer support they need.

From query to quote and on to completed purchase, a finely-tuned B2B mobile strategy is essential to keeping up with their expectations. Doing nothing is not an option.

A digital, data-driven transformation is underway in B2B e-commerce, with new competition coming from unexpected vectors and customers demanding the personalized experiences that B2C companies take for granted.

Download the Whitepaper on B2B mobile ecommerce and learn:

  • Why B2B brands need to embrace mobile
  • Looking for the first B2B Uber
  • 3 reasons why B2B companies need to take mobile seriously
  • Why the B2B mobile journey is different
  • What apps can do that mobile sites can’t
  • The case for B2B e-commerce Apps
  • Recognizing B2B customer diversity
  • Move your B2B mobile strategy forward today

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