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6 Brilliant Ways To Use Push Messages for Online Stores

A growing number of us initially use our mobile phones whenever we access the internet. In fact, over a quarter of us interact with our smartphones more than any other object — including human beings. Eighty-two percent of millennials check their phones within an hour of waking up in the morning and 73% sleep with them beside their bed. As we become more and more attached to mobile for everything from shopping to emails, we also want more seamless mobile experiences.

That’s where mobile apps come in. Research shows shoppers are turning away from mobile websites and towards mobile apps for shopping on the go. Push messages play a vital role in helping users make a purchasing decisions. In ecommerce terms, push messages have become key drivers of retention and conversion.

But not all push messages are created equal. Half of us find push messages annoying. Luckily, the other half finds them useful. To make sure customers find value in your push messages, we’ve collected the latest best practice.

How to make push messages great

1. Follow up on festivities

A great way to increase engagement with push messages is by utilizing them for national holidays or celebrations. It reminds customers that there’s an important date coming up and they might need one of your products or services to make the most of the occasion. Second, it personalizes communication and shows you understand what’s happening in their communities. And third, it’s a practical reminder so they don’t forget the date.

For example, look at this great Saint Patrick’s Day push message from Wanelo. It reminds readers of an upcoming celebration and use of emoji is really effective Simply including emojis in a push notification can increase open rates by 85 percent. Plus, the ‘tap to see’ call to action is simple and effective.

best push messages example of notification saint patty

2. Use the local weather

Another great idea is to take advantage of the current weather situation where customers live. Whether it’s steamy hot or freezing cold, it’s always a great way to promote your seasonal products. Think of that warm woolen scarf if you’re a fashion store. Or a refreshing Summer Cava when you sell exclusive wines.

Look at this clever push message for Dunkin’ Donuts. A warm cup of coffee is a lot more alluring in a snowstorm — and going outside a lot less so. This push notification plays on those instincts to tempt customers to purchase home brew coffee beforehand.

best push messages example of notification Dunkin

3. Send messages triggered by behaviour

Push messages can also be triggered by a customer’s shopping behaviour. For instance, when they leave items in their shopping cart and don’t complete the purchase, you can send a message to remind them.

Or if they bought a new t-shirt in the store last week, you could let them know new t-shirts are in-stock. Whatever the interaction with your brand was, make sure your message is a logical follow up to their preferences and behaviour.

Check out this push notification from Amazon. It’s simple but effective: customers that are ready to buy, but simply forgot to checkout can finish their order. Customer that still doubt about the product, will once again view the product in the app and make a decision.

best push messages example of Amazon

4. Communicate latest promotions or discounts

Another great way to engage customers with push notifications is by informing them about the latest promotions. In fact, 31% of people say they actually download mobile shopping apps to get rewards, and 20% say they use them to find better deals. Make sure you’re specific. Just offering a discount isn’t enough. Use percentages instead.

Check out this push messages example from KOHL’s. It’s great for two reasons. First, it communicates very specific and high percentage discounts. Second, it’s still vague enough to stoke fear of missing out.

best push notification example of Kohl

5. Be conversational

Would you rather receive a generic message or a personalized, conversational text? Most people want to converse with people, not brands. The more personal and conversational the push message, the more its likely to stick. By opting in to receive push notifications, customers have granted you access to a very direct and personal line of communication – and they expect you to respect that.

For example, check out this push notification from Netflix. It’s not strictly ecommerce but it’s still a great example. It’s personal and reads like a text from a friend. Plus, it evokes curiosity.

6. Make it fun(ny)!

Humor is a great way to stand out from competitors’ messages. It makes people laugh, it makes your brand more human and fun, plus it increases the chances people will forward your push message to friends. Extra. Free. Promotion.

Check out these push message examples from Saucey (a liquor store) and beauty & cosmetic store Sephora. They’re fun, catchy and not pushy at all.

best push notification example funny

Want to find out more?

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