All the Lightspeed Features Retailers Need

Get a Native App with all the features you need to increase your mobile revenue and boost customer loyalty. JMango’s award-winning platform gives you big-budget performance and features at a price point that works for everyone. Best of all, your app will automatically update to include any and all new features that we develop in the future!

You can find here all the features, categorized per update. For each feature you can see which version you need to have in order to use the feature. If you find out you don’t have the right version in the App Store, then you should re-publish your App in our backend. This is free four times a year: January, April, July and October. If you don’t know how, please contact our support team to help you. In our knowledge base we explain how to re-publish the app.

Feature update June 2019

Wishlist – Save favorite products for later

It’s not a secret that customers often take a bunch of time considering before they place an order. We understand that and help you out with wishlist to retain leads. Your mobile customers can save all the preferred products and add to cart at any time. Wishlist ensures faster, more convenient purchase in the next visit. A great tool to keep customers, right?

Available from version 2.52.6

Braintree & Stripe – Convenient, fast and secure payment experience

Have you looked for some top-tier mobile payment gateway providers? We have big news for you! We’ve integrated Braintree and Stripe as native payment solutions in our apps. Braintree offers PayPal, credit/debit card, and Apple/Google Pay payment methods. Stripe, at the current time, offers credit card only, but more payment methods are already in our to-do list and will come in an update soon.

Available from version 2.51.0

Brands category – Let customers find beloved brands

Thousands of customers come to your app to find products of a specific brand. As a result, it makes sense to let mobile customers quickly find the brands they love. We’ve added a new feature which allows importing Brands category during the integration. You just need to re-integrate to make this category appear in the main menu.

No update required

Related products – Increase conversion rate

Are you looking for a way to keep your mobile customers browsing your app and increase conversion rate? Then you must love the brand-new Related products feature. We want to assist you by making it possible to display a list of related products on the product page in your app. All you need to do is to set up related products in your store Back Office, upgrade the module version, and re-integrate your app.

Available from version 2.17.0

Mobile-only category – Make inactive categories visible on app

Not long ago, we received feedback from merchants saying that they wanted to display some promotion categories on app only. Realizing that’s very nice feature to target mobile customers, we added that feature to our to-do list and finally got it live. Now you can make inactive categories on webstore visible on your app during the integration.

No update required

Hide products on app – Decide which products to display to customers

Every now and then, your store may offer some products that can be sold on website only, not on mobile app due to technical limitation. We have got you covered by implementing a feature that allows you to hide particular products in app. Just go to JMango360 Back Office > Settings and select the products you don’t want to display on app.

No update required

Barcode scanner – Scan barcode to find products

We all know that you want to offer your customers the best mobile shopping experience by making it fast, painless, and — most importantly — easy for them. For this reason, we’ve implemented the brand-new barcode scanner feature. Your customers can scan product barcode and add products to cart more quickly and conveniently.

Available from version 2.23.0

Online shopping cart – Always up to date & synced with store

Online shopping cart is a must-have for every online store and now it’s available in our apps. Your product stock, price calculation, and shopping rules will be always up to date and synced with your website. Your mobile customers will find it a nice treat to add products to cart, make adjustments in their cart, and successfully check out.

Available from version 2.26.0

Describe your locations – Drop your customers a note

Any merchant who has physical stores will love this improvement in the Location feature. We’ve included an editor in this feature so that you can provide a description of your locations. Not a big improvement but very handy when you want to share useful and significant information about your locations.

Available from version 

Whatsapp – Start a chat with customers

More and more webstores deliver customer service via Whatsapp. That’s why we now support the Whatsapp feature, too. By adding a Whatsapp feature to the menu, you can allow customers to start a chat with your customer service. What is more? You can actually open any webpage in external browser. App version 2.46.0. is required.

Available from version 2.46.0

Add products to cart from product list – Purchase with a lot fewer clicks

Many merchants want to give their customers the ability to quickly add products to cart from the product list. To meet this requirement, we’ve enabled the Add To Cart button for simple products on the product list. Your mobile customers can add products to cart by making a lot less clicks than going through the product page.

Available from version 2.52.2