It is time for
progressive web apps

Progressive web apps are gaining massive popularity among leading brands in the retail industry. Why?
It is the best answer to the current challenges of the mobile world.
We live in a mobile world

Mobile. A must.

Today’s shoppers hate when they need to overcome obstacles in their path. Especially when their path is leading towards a purchase. Shoppers that use their smartphones more and more on the run want to have frictionless and fast experiences.

Progressive Web Apps can deliver that expected experience through shorter loading times, app-like features (add to homescreen, push notifications etc.) without the need for downloading the app in the app stores.

Streamline your clients' experience

Benefits for merchants

Convincing your clients to install a PWA directly from their webbrowser is much simpler than forcing them to go through the App stores. With all app-like functionalities it will help increase conversion and repeat purchases. With Google’s support towards pwa’s in search results you have a complete package for success on mobile!
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Fully integrated with your webstore

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For a monthly fee

B2C Shopping Apps The Alpha Men Quote
“We switched from another app provider to JMango360 due to the experience and design. And we’ve been happy ever since! The conversion of our app is much higher than our mobile site, and even higher than desktop.”
Get a mean app machine

App marketing support

Like all things in business, great results don’t just ‘happen’. App marketing is an ongoing process of promoting your app on all the right channels, sending out effective push messages and analyzing your data to get smarter.

Our app marketing experts help you maximize mobile results.

B2C Shopping Apps
JMango360 app platform

Easy app management for your team

Within the easy JMango360 app platform you can send out push notifications, create lookbooks, change home banners and view app analytics. We put the power in your hands.
Ready to maximize your mobile results? Find out how an app can enhance your business.

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