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Vapers are gadget-mad digital natives who live their lives on the go. Selling vape products on mobile ought to be a no-brainer, but regulation and age verification make it a complex affair. Now you can cut through the complexity with a premium PWA, built by JMango360.

  • Open SaaS platform

  • Premium PWA

  • Live in 60 days or less

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Mobile and vaping go together, and yet ...

Smartphones drive more than half of all traffic to e-commerce sites. Vapers are at the heart of the mobile wave, but there’s a problem: mobile websites can’t manage the requirements of tobacco retail. And native apps for adult-only products are banned by the big app stores.

What’s the answer? Build a PWA.

Follow the world's leading e-cigarette brands in their footsteps, at a fraction of the price.

Drive results

Mobile customers vote with their dollars and apps have won hands down. But the big app stores won’t list apps that sell adult-only products.

What can vape shops do? Build a progressive web app (PWA) instead. They do everything native apps do, but they launch in a normal web browser window. It all happens automatically. No download or installation required.

JMango360’s open SaaS platform makes building a vape shop PWA easy. You’ll be up & running in 90 days or less — at a fraction of what other developers charge. Fully integrated with your product catalog and payment gateways.

It's time for the vaping industry to grasp mobile’s potential

Mobile conversion & loyalty

Mobile savvy vapers expect app-level speed and convenience in every smartphone experience. Remove the barriers, make on-the-go shopping enjoyable and start driving e-cigarette sales with a best-in-class PWA. Some features that drive conversion:

  • PWAs are faster and easier to use than mobile responsive sites

  • In a competitive market like vaping, loyalty is key. Drive loyalty and keep shoppers in the know with features like push messages and shoppable lookbooks.

  • One-touch-checkout and saved age-verification credentials make buying vape products a breeze.

  • According to research by Google, PWAs increase conversion on mobile up to 52% and native apps up to 3x vs mobile sites.

Launching a PWA just got easier

Why JMango360?

  • SaaS technology

    Lets you build premium PWAs at a fraction of bespoke development costs.

  • Fully integrated

    Our plugin integrates with your store’s backend and updates automatically. Product catalogs and payment gateways are connected and stay in-sync every time a change is made.

  • hassle-free-pwa


    Tell us your design ideas and we’ll make them happen.

  • pwa lightning fast


    Implement changes fast without dev support & send out push messages on the easy app platform.

  • intuitive pwa ecommerce experience


    Where others stop, we’re just getting started. Get full marketing support to drive in-app purchases.

Cut through mobile complexities and turn browsers into buyers.

Sounds too good to be true?
See for yourself.

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