Offering an ‘official’ shopping channel,
with low maintenance


“We have a lot of international customers in our store, who are impressed by the fact we have an app of this quality. It truly adds to our brand value and gives us more credibility in our industry.”

Brand value

Starting out as a new adventure that was suggested by their agency, Beachim took a guess on getting an app. Being an early adopter of a shopping app has been paying its dividends through brand value and increased credibility with their customers. Being used originally as a look-book, they are now slowly, but steadily growing their online presence outside of their store customers, using the app as an effective tool to do so.


Average App Rating
15 %
of total revenue
40 K



Beachim is a high fashion store that offers a specific style to a specific audience. Located in a town famous for its beaches, their style reflects the roots of the store. Receiving a lot of foot traffic and having attracted a large international customer base, they originally launched the online store to service the customers abroad, who couldn’t be expected to keep re-visiting the physical store.

Going online was a huge adventure, which they underwent with the guidance of an agency they trusted and who’s advice helped them grow their business to the next (digital) level. The mission was simple; grow an online presence within the high fashion customer base and thus generate more revenue.

To gain new ideas and inspiration for competitive advantages, they visited an eCommerce fair, where their agency introduced them to the idea of building an app. This appealed to them, since it would make them stand out in their market.



High fashion isn’t cheap. A lot of their (international) clients are not the most technologically inclined folks and thus spending a lot of money with a store that is hundreds (in some case thousands) of miles away requires a lot of trust.

“One of the first features of JMango360 that really connected with us is the fact that it made our app available via Google Play and the App Store. It lends us the credibility of these tech giants, giving our customers more confidence to shop and stay connected with us.”

The store is the main business focus for Beachim. The online store has been a side-project (that has grown way beyond the original ambitions), so the resources available for managing the app were incredibly limited. With this in mind, Beachim connected with us at the eCommerce fair and both parties found it a match made in heaven.

‘It just works! We have 0 worries, hardly spend any time on maintenance due to the integration and it runs like a well-oiled machine.”


When the app went live they did not push it actively into the market. They built their mobile audience through word of mouth in the store and slowly, but steadily their reach increased. They noticed an increasing number of customers visiting the store after browsing the new lines via the app, so even though it wasn’t a big conversion channel, it indirectly added to growing their revenue.

Apart from the increase in foot traffic, they noticed that the app increased their brand value with both national and international customers. Apart from being impressed, it became clear that having an app made them stand out from the competition by a big margin.

Today Beachim is increasing their efforts and focus on the online market and having an app is certainly giving them a leg up in this space. Utilizing push messaging and being able to communicate directly with their customers has proven to be an effective strategy in boosting both physical and online sales.

“So far we have only promoted our store to our physical customers, but we see that a lot of our potential is in the online space. Having the credibility of Apple and Google, alongside our current track record, high download count, positive reviews and brand value, gives us the confidence to push forward and take our business to the next level.”

App facts:

  • Platform: Lightspeed
  • App type: B2C
  • Industry: Fashion
  • Live: 2017

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