Everything you need to drive mobile growth

Offer your customers a best-in-class mobile app. We build a seamless mobile experience that reduces all mobile shopping barriers. Our SaaS-platform launches your powerful integrated app in weeks.
B2C Shopping Apps Shoppers love Apps
Make experience your #1 priority

Shoppers love apps

The most effective way to improve mobile commerce strategies is to offer an app that enables better, more direct interaction.

A high percentage of mobile traffic visiting your shop are your own customers telling you they want to shop in a different way, using their mobile. So, give them the best possible experience and get the most out of mobile.

Complete your mobile strategy

Native app or PWA

Today’s buyers expect the speed and convenience of an app everywhere. That’s why we offer both native apps and PWA’s. While native apps offer superior experiences, PWA’s offer app-like experiences without the need to download. Either way, our apps are designed to provide the best possible experience on mobile. Fast, easy and beautiful.
B2C Shopping Apps Native app or PWA
B2C Shopping Apps The Alpha Men Quote
“We switched from another app provider to JMango360 due to the experience and design. And we’ve been happy ever since! The conversion of our app is much higher than our mobile site, and even higher than desktop.”

All the features you need as a retailer

Our award-winning app offers you all the features big brands need, at a price point that works for anyone.

Even cooler: all new features that we develop are included for free in your plan!

A short selection:


Push notifications

Keep your customers in the know!

Push messages are the most effective way to communicate with your shoppers. They have a 90%+ Read-rate!
Grab their full attention on the lock screen with new products. Our platform allows you to send segmented and rich push messages.

Native check out

Fast mobile checkout

Bring down your shopping cart abandonment rate with 60% by offering a fast and frictionless checkout.


Create inspiring Shop-the-Looks

Showcase your products with inspiring and shopable look-books that will strike the imagination of your customers. Create themes and stories that will encourage customers to quickly add the products to their cart and start boosting the average order value!

Fully integrated

Your App and Webstore Synched

Your App is integrated with your webstore backend, keeping both channels up-to-date without you ever worrying about it. This means your customers get real-time information about stock-levels & delivery and you just have one backoffice to manage. So sit back and count your new revenue.

Easy App Management

Easy Management

With our platform you will have 24/7 access to your App. Change your homescreen and other elements of your app whenever you want. This way promoting a big Sale campaign through your app is a walk in the park.

App icon

Your brand in their hand

With an installed App you have got your Brand in their Hand! This way you are always within reach when your customers wants to go shopping!
‘ The app has smoothen the user experience for our customers. Plus, we can keep our customers posted on our new collections through push messages. We’ve seen an increase of 12% on mobile sales.’
Get a mean app machine

App marketing support

Like all things in business, great results don’t just ‘happen’. App marketing is an ongoing process of promoting your app on all the right channels, sending out effective push messages and analyzing your data to get smarter.

Our app marketing experts help you maximize mobile results.

B2C Shopping Apps
JMango360 app platform

Easy app management for your team

Within the easy JMango360 app platform you can send out push notifications, create lookbooks, change home banners and view app analytics. We put the power in your hands.
Ready to maximize your mobile results? Find out how an app can enhance your business.

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