"From beard oil to razors, there's a great story behind every product."

- Cedric van Dijken, Founder of 'The Alpha Men'

About ‘The Alpha Men’

Entrepreneur Cedric van Dijken noticed that grooming was becoming more important for the modern man. Around that time the ‘barber scene’ was up-and-coming and ‘men who moisturise’ was officially a thing. That’s when Cedric developed the idea for ‘The Alpha Men’, a webstore with care products for men. 

‘It just works!’

Joost is very pleased with the results so far. “It was difficult to estimate in advance how many customers would download and use the app but now 20% of our customers are actively using it. That is a great result! We score a 4.8 in the app reviews. And in terms of in-app orders we’re also seeing great results; winning back the initial investment within a few weeks.”

Joost also sees plenty of opportunities for growth in the future. “We are going to promote the app even more on our social channels and through paid campaigns. Not just to tell people we have an app, but to demonstrate the advantages and extra features. There are videos showing how easy it is to place repeat purchases with the barcode scanner. We also want to send more push messages and emphasise personal contact so we can advise customers even faster and better. The app is an excellent tool for that.”

Practice makes perfect

Cedric had already tasted success in 2011 with the launch of ‘Care for Skin,’ a webshop for his mother’s beauty salon. “I had just finished my studies and wanted to build something of my own, so I helped launch Care for Skin.” After a few years, Cedric saw the opportunity for a new venture.

“When men started to pay more attention to their skin and hair, I decided to take my chances and started ‘The Alpha Men’. With the experience of Care for Skin under my belt I had the webstore set-up in no time. We were quickly offering a wide range of high-quality care products for men, made from natural ingredients. From beard oil and razors to anti-hair loss shampoos and pomades, there’s a great story behind every product.”

JMango360 was a lifesaver

When the webstore was running like a well-oiled machine, Cedric decided to improve the site’s mobile user-friendliness with a mobile app. “As our mobile traffic increased, we wanted to offer an easy app that would take the mobile shopping experience of our customers to the next level. We launched our first app with a competitor of JMango360, but found the app very limited. We couldn’t optimize the experience like we wanted or add features that would boost in-app sales.

When we saw what JMango360 apps could do, we switched immediately. Our current app is well-designed, offers exactly the shopping experience we had in mind, and because it’s a Saas-solution it’s inexpensive. By using push messages we’ve seen an increase in our monthly conversion, and it’s easy to send them ourselves on the JMango360 platform. This approach is really bearing fruit. We have about 300 in-app orders per month.”

‘Always switch on the Smart App Banner!’

The Alpha Men app is promoted across all their customer communications. “We include app icons in our emails and newsletters with links to the App Stores, for example, to increase app downloads. And we share the app on our social channels, in our Insta Stories for instance.” 

But the most important tip according to Cedric is to always switch on the Smart App Banner (SAB). This banner pops-up automatically when mobile users visit the webstore through their browser. “We use the SAB in our Google Ads, too. We once switched SAB off for a month in error and saw an immediate drop in downloads.” At The Alpha Men they use push notifications mainly to promote new products. “We don’t have a set time schedule for sending out messages, but the response is great every time. It’s a terrific way to keep customers in the know about new products, increase engagement, and boost in-app orders.”