Build your app in 3 easy steps!

1. Create an account

Creating a free account grants you access to our app-building platform. Simply confirm your account (you’ve got mail) & you’re automatically logged in to our platform!

2. Install the plugin

By installing the plugin, the current product catalog of your webstore is instantly visible in a preview app and ready for your design skills. Simply follow the steps of the Quick Start Guide.

3. Start designing

You & your shopping app are almost there! Our platform is designed to be easy. So start using the drag & drop tool and you’ll instantly see the changes in the preview app on our platform.

FAQ's about designing your app

What can I do with my free account?

An account grants you access to our app building platform with no strings attached. Once you’re logged in, you can install the plugin and have a look at all the design functions it has to offer.

How do I install the plugin?

When you have logged in for the first time and selected the right e-commerce technology, our platform will ask you if you want to start the Quick Start Guide. This guide will walk you through all the steps to make the integration.

My webstore runs on Lightspeed. How do I integrate my store?

We have made the integration with a Lightspeed store very accessible. Simply login here with your Lightspeed credentials. Your store is automatically integrated with our app building platform, so no sign-up required.

How do I start designing my app?

Our platform is divided into multiple tabs, such as settings, design and themes. Due to our platform and the integration, all of your products and categories are already visible in the app preview. Simply follow the steps and your shopping app is almost finished.

How do I publish my shopping app to the Google Play and Apple Stores?

For each of the stores you’ll need to create your own developer account (Google Play Developer license is $25 (one-time fee) and Apple developer license costs $99 per year) to be able to publish the app under your company name. Complete the JMango360 publishing form. JMango360 will then publish your App so your customers can download and enjoy your brand new shopping app.