"After launching the App we've doubled our mobile revenue!
We are the make-up heaven we want to be for our customers."

- Joëlla, Online Marketer, Boozyshop

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Why did your store need a Shopping App?

“Maaike, the owner of Boozyshop, started with the web store from her bedroom with the idea to import quality makeup brands at affordable price. These brands were hard to find in Europe. Now, just a few years later, we have a big fan base across the world and we are growing fast. Because we have such a young customer base (mostly Millennials), we simply need a good mobile App! Our target audience shops through Apps, so offering them a perfect shopping experience will make them happy and help us grow at the same time. We used to have an App with another provider but it didn’t live up to our expectations. We couldn’t send push messages, for example, making the App less than optimal. As online shopping changes so fast, we always strive to improve our services. Switching to JMango360 helps us to achieve this.”

What made you choose JMango?

“After doing some research, we discovered JMango. When we saw the test-App, it already made a big difference. With JMango360, the push messages are unlimited and easy to create, the categories and subcategories in the App are nicely structured and customers experience the App as fast and easy. With the easy DIY tool we can change the look & feel easily and check App Analytics to get more insights. Everything is Native and fully integrated with our web store. So hardly prone to mistakes and it saves us time because we don’t have to keep stock and orders up to date separately.” 

What can you say about the implementation?

“The implementation went really fast. We installed the JMango plugin in the backend of our web store by logging into the JMango website and basically the App was almost finished. Next, we used the drag and drop design tool of JMango to fill the App with banners and adjust the look & feel to match it with our brand. We made a splash screen for the App Stores and texts together with JMango, in order to publish the App. JMango offers great service. They really think along with us about how we can better the App and its results.”

How are the results so far?

“The results are great! We’ve doubled our mobile revenue since launching the new App. We’ve received a lot of reviews saying they’re in love with the App and most of our users rate us with 5 stars. We want to be a ‘makeup heaven’ for our customers and I feel like we’ve achieved this with our App. Of course we have some additional wishes for the future to improve the experience even further and the JMango team is working hard to meet these needs. We see an increase of downloads (about 18%) every month, while we actually only promoted the App during the launch with a promotional giveaway and with the smart app banner on our site. If we do get feedback from customers that something could be improved, JMango360 always helps us immediately. We expect to get a lot more out of the App in the coming year because we keep learning about the best practices. We’re absolutely convinced that mobile Apps are here to stay!”