“Along with a better user experience, apps make it easier to give repeat customers something extra. One of the ways we reward customers for their loyalty is to give them a first look at new collections, designs and offers exclusively via the app.’’

- Auke de Geus, founder of Ballin Amsterdam

About BALLIN Amsterdam

Ballin Amsterdam is a fashion label offering contemporary urban streetwear for men and women. Auke de Geus launched the company when he was 17 – using only the money he’d saved for university. In just a few short years the label has become an international success with streetwise collections including hats, beanies, t-shirts and sweaters. Popular with so-called tagboys (youth wearing clothes with big brand names). BALLIN works together with the brand PureWhite and they are located in Amsterdam.


When you walk on the street, you could not have noticed that young boys love designer clothes. The brand is highly visible on shirts and hoodies. Auke thinks this subculture is great.

“With the clothing that young people wear, they can distinguish themselves from the mainstream. “It’s just nice that more and more brands are coming into this segment, which we only reinforce each other and surf on each other’s success.”

What have the results been so far?

“The app has been downloaded thousands of times and we have already received hundreds of new mobile orders. Loyal customers have told us they are very pleased with the exclusive content we offer them in the app. These signals prove to me that we made the right choice.

As a brand you want to make things as easy as possible for your customers. Consumers spend more and more time on their smartphones and mobile shopping gets bigger and bigger every month — especially amongst our young target group.

We are focused on the Netherlands and Belgium at the moment but we have plans for European expansion and potentially worldwide. We are currently planning the launch of a new brand of vodka, called Sir Dam. I expect we will need a JMango360 app for that as well.’’

Why did you decide to create a mobile shopping app for BALLIN?

“To be honest I didn’t actually set out to create an app. I was visiting the Lightspeed Connect event in the Jaarbeurs and found myself in a very interesting conversation with the enthusiastic team at JMango360.

They explained how mobile shopping apps can open up new possibilities for brand engagement, improve user experience, and give us the ability to send push messages. That’s when I started to see the value. With an app its easier to give loyal customers something extra. For instance, sending them a first look at new content and collections exclusively via the app.’’

What made you choose JMango360?

“I really felt a connection with the JMango360 team straightaway. They knew immediately how the app could be integrated with the technology we already use, and their Marketing Support Team talked me through how they could help us position the app in the market.

I didn’t have to think long about their offer – in fact I signed them that same day at the Jaarbeurs! JMango360 have certainly kept their word. The team supports us with creative writing for the app product pages and app marketing. They’ve also helped with creating a design that reflects our brand.

They’ve given us great tips on improving our Instagram feed! Sharing fashion photos on Instagram was actually how I first became interested in the business. Even with more than 46.000 followers and an effective influencer program, they’ve come up with fresh new ideas that have really improved social engagement.”

Ballin Amsterdam