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‘It’s amazing how fast people get used to convenience.”

Customers are busy folks and spend a lot of time behind their computer to get things done. As entrepreneurs they are always looking for ways to maximize their time, so Tattooland figured that a mobile app is a great way to do just that.


  • 4.9

    Average App Rating

  • 29%

    Of total revenue

  • 12.000+



Offering businesses a new and easier way to order and saving them time by allowing them to purchase on-the-go.

Tattooland is a household name as the go-to supplier for Tattooparlors all across Europe. Starting in the Netherlands in 2004, they have rapidly expanded to being one of the biggest suppliers of tattoo and piercing materials, with their current crown jewel being their own Crystal Line.

The initial challenge for Tattooland was that maintaining their mobile (responsive) channel was a lot of work and never resulted in a smooth experience for their customers. With the desire to offer an easy-to-use ordering system, allowing their customers to order on-the-go, we started working together to launch their first app.

“Tattoo artists obviously don’t spend a lot of time behind a desktop, but a new generation is rising and they do spend a lot of time on mobile devices. We see a lot of new artists coming from Graphic Design education, which is of course heavily dependent on digital tools. It’s what they are used to.”


Saving their clients time, easy access to their required products and a great experience.

Offering their clients a high-class mobile experience was high on their list along with saving time on keeping their mobile channel up-to-date. As an eCommerce business they saw this as the next logical step, so when it was time to pick their vendor, they chose JMango360, because we synchronize directly from their eCommerce platform and offer the quality experience that they were looking for.

“You can have the most expensive eCommerce platform on the planet, but a desktop site will never even come close to what an app has to offer.”


The ease of use has been a great advantage for their customers, who spend most of their time designing art and creating tattoos. Offering them an easy and mobile way to order their requirements, has resulted in solidifying their position as a preferred supplier for countless tattoo parlors.

The app now represents almost 30% of the total revenue, a number that is slowly but steadily increasing as more and more customers are getting introduced to their new channel.

“We’ve noticed that the app has created a lot of convenience for our clients. If I would switch off the app today, there would be hell to pay tomorrow. The funny thing is; convincing old skool tattoo artists to buy a modern machine is extremely difficult, but getting them to start using the app has been a breeze.”

App facts:

  • Platform: Magento 2

  • App type: B2B

  • Industry: Tattoo Supplies

  • Live since: 2016

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