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‘We’ve noticed that the app is a driving force behind repeat business.”

Starting as many great businesses did; in the attic of their own house the founders of have walked the path of the successful online business. Going from a hobby where they packed their own orders, to a big business.

Back when they were still hungry entrepreneurs with ambitions for conquest, the founders of saw mobile apps popping up all over the digital landscape. Being innovative young and hungry tech-millennials, they immediately jumped on the app bandwagon and went mobile with JMango360.

Last year they started with their new vertical; Launched on the same premise that they saw a lack of service quality in an industry that deserves it. Thus another project was launched, where JMango360 was included.


  • 4.7

    Average App Rating

  • 5%

    Of total revenue

  • 25.000+



Translating their business to an app, without having to invest too much time, effort and knowledge, which they couldn’t spare at the time.

When the mobile app revolution came knocking back in the early 2020’s, the founders at were up to their ears in conquering the party supplies market. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity that having an app would offer, they went looking for a partner that could get them mobile in a way that would require minimal effort and knowledge on their end.

‘We didn’t have the knowledge, or the budget to have an app custom made for us. We didn’t want to put out a cheap-looking app either, so the challenge was to find a partner who could provide us with a top-tier app, with minimum effort in both the realization as well as the management of it going forward.’


A premium app with headless integration.

Being able to create an app that synchronizes directly from the store was a perfect solution to the barriers faced on their path towards getting an app. Being still somewhat of a start-up at the time, the time and resources simply weren’t available for them.
Fortunately that is where JMango360 excels; saving on both time and resources before, during and after the implementation, allowing customers to focus on what’s most important to them: Their business.

After launching the app they got to work and a large chunk of their customers took to the app with solid numbers to show for it. Since then has grown tremendously, thus the percentage of revenue on the app in comparison to the total revenue has gone down since then. Something they are adamant to improve upon in the upcoming months.


A smooth integration and a successful app within no-time at all.

Launching the app has been a great success for When first launching the app, they went all out on getting the word out there. Promotion via newsletter, activating the Smart App Banner from the start and continuously informing customers via the Customer Service (a part of the business they focus heavily on) has led to a big uptick in the adaptation of the app amongst their customers. Especially repeat business has increased since the app became part of their toolkit. Customers found their way back much easier, resulting in more repeat business on average per customer, alongside a growth in total revenue.

This success made them include an app in the business model of their latest venture; Being able to offer their customers a great shopping experience on mobile has proved to work for them in such a way, that they are excited to repeat this success.
Launching a new business (alongside the challenges of managing another one) is always a very difficult challenge, but they have pulled it off successfully, now slowly but steadily gaining market share which allows them to slowly put more attention towards the apps.

“We saw a swift growth of app users (and revenue) when we put in the work. The last couple of years we’ve been quite busy with a variety of projects and changes and haven’t been able to give the apps the full attention they deserve. We can see there is still a lot of potential in them.”

App facts:

  • Platform: Lightspeed

  • App type: B2C

  • Industry: Party supplies - Baby supplies

  • Live since: 2020

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