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National Salon Resources

‘Our mobile app is saving our customers SO much time. They were very excited at the launch and still are!”

National Salon Resources is a family business that started with (now) great grandmother Barbara Christie going door-to-door, to her grandson currently running this incredible business with 13 stores, an impressive warehouse and national coverage in the United States of America. The 4th generation has been integrated into the business for a while now and we spoke to the current VP of Operations and great-grandson of Barbara: Tyler Hicks.


  • 4.6

    Average App Rating

  • 30%

    Of total online sales

  • 10%

    Yearly total revenue increase


Salon owners are working behind the chair most of the day. As a supplier to these businesses, National Salon Resources faced many deadlines and a lot of additional work through oldskool ordering methods such as emails, texts, calls (sometimes badly) written notes and more. Alongside the short time window their customers have to order their required products, they also saw that their target audience was slowly, but steadily becoming younger.

Always being somewhat ahead of the curve, the CEO (Tyler’s father) knew that going mobile was the way to go. Offering their clients a method of easy, on-the-go ordering and of course being able to capitalize on the growing mobile traffic they were experiencing, creating a mobile app was very high on the wishlist for a very long time.

One of the major issues however, was that at the time you had to have a web agency build apps custom, which required a ton of investment for just building the app and would then cost a crapload more on maintenance and keeping the apps up to date.


National Salon Resources got pointed to JMango360 by an already happy customer and it was love at first sight. Not only could we help them build the app and keep it up-to-date for a fraction of the cost, but the integration with their online store meant that their limited resources wouldn’t be stretched thin.

‘Integration went really smooth, especially considering you are not in the States.’
~ Tyler Hicks

When the app was live, they didn’t waste any moment or opportunity and went all out on the marketing. They plaster the app in their bi-montly magazine, put the app buttons and QR codes in any space and communication they could find and from the launch out to this day and beyond they are promoting their app full blast! As far as we are concerned, National Salon Resources did everything right and now have the results to show for their efforts!


‘When we started out with the app, it represented about 7-8% of our online sales in the first couple of months, but after the first year the app was and still is responsible for at least 30% of our online sales. This has affected the growth of our total revenue as well, by continuously adding 10% growth to the total revenue year after year.

We can definitely see that the app is responsible for a big chunk of this growth. Serving our customers this way has not only increased their sales with us, but has also added to the total experience that our company offers.’

App facts:

  • Platform: BigCommerce

  • App type: B2B

  • Industry: Cosmetics

  • Live since: 2020

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