Within just 5 months, around 15% of returning customers downloaded the App! I expect to triple this number next year.

Walter Peters, Gouda Cheese Shop

Why did you invest in a Shopping App?

“My father founded Gouda Cheese Shop in 1971. Back then he sold cheeses from door to door, and nowadays we sell online in 5 different languages. The way customers buy our products change, and we need to adapt to that. So when customers started purchasing more through their phones, I thought offering an App could improve their experience and increase loyalty. After downloading the App, they can shop easier and a lot faster. At the same time you can increase the brand interaction by sending push messages. You improve their experience and they give you loyalty and revenue in return. Win-win!”


Why did you choose JMango?

“My webstore is built in Magento, so when I read JMango won the Magento Innovation Award, I got triggered. Due to the integration with Magento the App is very easy to set-up and it offers all the functionalities my customers need. The data and content is updated real-time in both the App and shop, so it saves a lot of time. JMango also helped me with the design and really did a nice job! They listened closely to what I wanted and translated this into a beautiful look & feel. If needed, I can adjust the template myself, so it’s very flexible. I also appreciate the service of the JMango team, which is always super quick and they are open for suggestions concerning additional features.”


What are the results so far?

“My customers embraced adopted the App, even though the average age is 40 plus… Incredible! Within just 5 months, around 15% of returning customers downloaded the App and I expect to triple this number next year. In terms of sales, it’s already responsible for 5% of the total revenue. We see a direct correlation between the number of downloads and the conversions, which raises my expectations for next year. Moreover, JMango keeps adding new features, like deep linking and push notifications, so we can keep on improving. But putting aside the numbers, what I like the most is that customers just really appreciate the extra service we offer by providing them with a Shopping App.”

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