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Cafe racers united Revving-up mobile revenue

Revving-up mobile revenue by 21%

Reinoud didn’t set out to start a webshop. As a true motorcycle enthusiast with a passion for all things mechanical, he first founded the blog and online community “Cafe Racers United.” With the mobile app he’s now able to reach out customers directly and promote return purchases.


  • 4.8

    App rating

  • 21%

    Increased mobile revenue

  • 30.000+

    Active app users


Make motercycles parts buying an unique experience

In 2014 motorcycle enthusiast Renould launched Caferacerwebshop.com, a user-friendly webshop providing quality products and personal service alongside information resources about motorcycling. As an industry, motorcycle parts and service can be a bit dull and basic, so there was a real opportunity to make a statement with something new: a state-of-the-art mobile app from JMango360.

“We started thinking about an app that would offer up-to-date information about motorcycles and also let you purchase a selection of products. Customers were asking if an app was in the making, so we decided to push ahead.”


A personalized experience

After an initial conversation with another app developer stalled, Reinoud met with JMango360. “Their personal approach appealed to me a lot. That’s how I treat my customers — with good communication and great service.

JMango also offered all the features we needed to improve UX and personalise the experience. With the JMango360 app you can reach customers directly through push messages. App users are often your most loyal customers so you need to reward them with exclusive content or products. The JMango360 app makes that easier to deliver while opening up new avenues for extra services.”


Relying on a mobile website alone limits the possibilities for continual improvement. ‘Apps are much more user friendly and I really saw an app as adding value to the customer experience’. The company now has several channels, with an audience of more than 300,000 followers and members. Customers find the app “super smooth” and “superfast”.

Mobile revenue increased by 21% and in-app orders have a higher average order value (AOV). “We are the only webstore in the motorcycle business that offers such an app, something the community really appreciates. Focusing on mobile customer experience means we stand out from the crowd.”

‘Apps are much more user friendly. They really add value to the customer experience.’

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App facts:

  • Ecommerce platform: Lightspeed

  • Vertical: Automotive


  • English and Dutch language apps for Cafe Racer United English language app for Choppershop

Top features:

  • Smart App Banner

  • Add products to basket directly from product list

  • Unlimited Push messages

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