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Big Brand Wholesale US

‘70% of our buyers now shop on mobile’

After growing steadily for years with traditional desktop e-commerce, US B2B site BigBrandWholesale realized it was time to optimize for mobile. Now the majority of their sales happen on smartphones, and mobile revenue has jumped by 21% thanks to the app.


  • 4.8

    App rating

  • 21%

    Increase in mobile revenue

  • 73%

    Higher average order value


A shift in traditional traffic patterns

US-based BigBrandWholesale.com is an online B2B wholesale fashion business specializing in clothing, accessories, body care products, and more. Founded in 2005, the company has grown from a side-hustle to a significant online retailer racking-up tens of thousands in sales each month.

After growing steadily for years with traditional desktop e-commerce, founder Tori Thompson noticed a shift in the site’s traditional traffic patterns

“Our data was telling us that 70% of our shoppers were mobile. That’s a huge change – just two years ago 70% were still shopping with us via desktop. We knew we had to take the next step and improve our mobile offering.”


Better UX and marketing options to serve mobile customers better

After requesting a strategy call with JMango360 Thompson decided that an ecommerce app would give her the functionality and marketing options she needed to serve mobile customers better.

“The DIY option was super simple, and I could have just done it all myself. In the end I wanted it to be perfect, so I hired JMango360 to make it awesome for me – which they did!”

“Our business moves fast so JMango’s SaaS app platform was a very attractive option, as it would enable me to make changes to the app without always having to rely on a developer. This was a major selling feature for me because I don't know the slightest thing about app development, and JMango’s platform integrates easily with our BigCommerce backend”.


“The first time I saw the completed app I was blown away. I was expecting a decent app, but not one loaded up with big-brand bells and whistles that looked like it had cost a fortune”.

Since the app launched BigBrand has seen its mobile revenue rocket upwards by 21%. Average monthly order value has also risen in-app compared to the responsive site with 73%.

“JMango360 is still helping me non-stop. They've created a marketing campaign to help promote the app, and they’ve been so proactive with suggestions I’m finding it hard to recall everything they’ve done for us”.

“A huge benefit of JMango’s approach is that they are invested in your long term success.”

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App facts:

  • Ecommerce platform: BigCommerce

  • Vertical: Fashion


  • Native app for iOS and Android

Top features:

  • Product videos

  • Chat functionality

  • Add products to basket directly from product list

  • Smart App Banner

  • Unlimited Push messages

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