Shift Happens!

Nowadays everyone is absorbed in their smartphones. More than one-quarter of the global population will use a smartphone in 2015. The mobile web adoption is growing 8 times faster than web adoption did in the 1990s and early 2000s.

We are now living in a mobile era: Smartphones and tablets are much more popular than desktops. According to Shopify, 50.3% of E-Commerce website traffic comes from mobile devices. It is not surprising that there is a global shift from E-Commerce to M-Commerce.

Mobile commerce is the browsing, buying and selling of products and services (commercial transactions) conducted via wireless technology on handheld devices, like a smartphone or tablet.

In 2014 the growth of M-Commerce outpaced the overall growth of E-Commerce and by the end of 2017, mobile commerce will account for 24.4% of overall E-Commerce revenues, because it continues to grow.

Shopping through mobile devices adds value to the shopping experience for consumers. The portability of wireless devices and its functions are creating a great convenience for users. Mobile devices allow users to receive information, shop products and services and conduct transactions anytime and anywhere. Users can access online stores whenever they want and are able to be accessible on other various mobile functions as well. It is also very time efficient, because shoppers do not have to go to physical stores anymore or wait when they arrived home. All the information (such as stock) presented, while shopping on mobile devices is up-to-date. Depending on the specific end user device, mobile devices offer a certain level of inherent security.

Mobile is going to be more important everyday. Don’t miss this opportunity and stay ahead of your competitors by taking advantage of the mobile channel.