Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, just one thing. In order to publish your app, both Google and Apple require you to have a ‘developer account’. A Google Play Developer account is a $25 one-time fee and a Apple developer account is $99 per year. Once you have these developer accounts, you are able to publish your app under your company’s name. For more info, check out our support docs about developer accounts for Google and Apple.

Your app will be ready in about 4 weeks. During this period we will integrate, design, test & publish your app. In the event of customization and/or technical issues it will, of course, take a bit longer before your app is ready.

Your annual subscription will start when your app is published. Everything beforehand is included in the one-time set-up fee.

We want to make sure your app is exactly how you want it to be. During the set-up we will reach out to you to install our plugin, get your feedback on the design and assist you in publishing your app

No, our plugin will automatically detect and use the Payment Gateway integrated with your online store, including (but not limited to) PayPal, Adyen, MultisafePay, Klarna, AsiaPay and BrainTree. Our platform supports all payment methods that these providers support (creditcards, iDeal, direct debit, ELV, PayPal, Klarna and Afterpay).

Our team of app developers are constantly making improvements to the apps, by adding new features for free and updating the app for the latest versions. So don’t worry, you can just sit-back and relax with any new updates.