Create your App in 3 Easy Steps

Integrate your webstore and build a beautiful Retail App in just one day


Award-Winning Mobile App experiences for Retail

We've created an App platform that allows anyone without technical skills to set up and design an iOS & Android App for free in just one day. The App has all the features you need to boost your mobile sales and seamlessly integrates with your current e-commerce store. Because we are a Saas solution, we keep on adding new features which are included in your plan . You can build it yourself for free or we can do it for you.

Choose the option that works for you

Build it for free or let us do it for you for a small one-off fee

Build the App for Free

By signing up for our App building platform, anyone can build an iOS & Android App for free in 3 easy steps. 

1. Connect your store

Sign up to get access to our App platform for free and connect your webstore by entering the url. Wait 1 minute and all your webstore products and content are automatically imported into the App.


2. Design your App

Customize the look & feel of your App  with the design tool by adding banners and changing background colors. You can see all the changes directly in the preview App.


3. Test & Publish your App

Test your App by following the instructions and downloading the test App on your smartphone. When you're satisfied enough, we will help you to publish the App into the stores. Only then will you pay a small monthly or yearly fee.


Let us build your App

If you are in a rush, or you have specific design needs, we can build your App for you

Order the 'Full Service' package and we'll call you about your design wishes. After this, you or your website designer will install the plugin and we start building. All you need to do is approve our design and we'll publish the App for you.