Get ready for the launch!

So you have created your first App on our platform, tested out all the features in the JMango360 Preview App and you’re totally satisfied with the result. Before publishing it to the App Stores, there are a few crucial things to keep in mind. Remember you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The identity of your App is one of the key elements to make it a success, starting with thename of your App. Of course you would like to have your brand name as the title of your App, but keep in mind that this title needs to be as short as possible. When you use 11 characters you are pretty safe. If you use more there is a change the ellipsis will show up in your application name. Sometimes you get away with longer names, however that should not be worth the risk.

The next step in providing your App with an identity is to create the right icon for your application. The App icon is the little square image which appears on the device once an App is downloaded. Although your App icon is a tiny thing it will be meaningful. It’s the first impression of the App for your users, not only in the App store, but also every time they open your app. Let your icon stand out and you’ll get way more attention.  Another thing is your splash screen. A splash screen is the loading screen of your app which will appear every time when users start the application.

The other key element has to do with App store optimization. Consider which category is applicable for the App with the search of users in mind. In which category would your users most likely search for the application? This is important, so make sure you choose wisely. It is also essential to think of the right keywords, as these words should help your potential users to find your App. Do not waste your keywords on repeating your App name, because that is already searchable. If you are going to sell clothes through your App for instance, you can use keywords like: clothes, retail, fashion, etcetera. You will get a limited number of chars, so try to get the best result. In need of inspiration?  Try checking out your competition or Apps that are similar to yours. Which keywords did they use? What category did they choose?

Before users download your App, they will read the description, so this will be of great importance as well. Think of a marketing tagline, or something to attract your customer’s attention, in the first sentence of your App’s description. Tell your potential users what they can do with the App, describe features and excite them to download it. Make sure your App description is not longer than 4000 characters, as most App stores will cut your App description if longer.

Last, but not least: the screenshots of the App. Screenshots serve as a way for App users to preview the App before downloading it. They are huge banners for your App that will either attract people to try it, or turn them off. Provide screenshots of your App’s best screens. The order of the presentation is also something to think about. Don’t place your App menu as the first image if something else is more interesting.

Entered all relevant details? It’s showtime:
You are ready to publish your App and start conquering the world!