eBook: Why a Mobile App will change your business as a Retailer

Don’t think Mobile Apps are solely for the big brands like Zalando, or Walmart. More and more small-sized retailers agree that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly site.

In this eBook we've collected the latest e-commerce research reports to answer the 11 most common questions on Mobile Apps and why Mobile Apps will change your business as a retailer. 


Which questions on Apps will be answered?

  • Mobile App versus Mobile Site: what's the difference?
  • Do all customers shop within Apps?
  • How will an App improve customer loyalty?
  • Will customers convert more with an App?
  • What’s the benefit of checkouts within Apps?
  • How effective is communication with an App?
  • How does an App influence my branding?
  • Is my mobile website superfluous?
  • Will all my customers download my App?
  • What will be the ROI for Shop Owners like myself?