“As an entrepreneur I’m focused on to simplifying everything for my customers. After a long day of work, people in the hotel & restaurant business don’t want to open up their laptops to order their wines.”

- Paul Frankhuizen, Owner, De Lange Unique Wines

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About De Lange Unique Wines (B2B & B2C)

De Lange Unique Wines imports a wide selection of special wines. They serve the ‘cream of the crop’ when it comes to the restaurant industry. The passionate team of De Lange Unique Wines selects exclusive wineries that respect nature and environment.

What are the results so far?

“We have an app for our B2B and B2C customers. Especially the B2B module is showing great results.

Currently, 63% of our orders are being placed within the app! Not only are sales skyrocketing, our customers couldn’t be happier! They are pleased with the fact that they can do their orders anytime and anywhere, without opening their laptops. They also like getting push messages about new products or when products are back in stock. They are up-to-date, without checking our newsletter or website.

We can’t wait to actually start promoting our app. Who knows how high sales will go once people actually KNOW about De Lange Unique Wines native app. The great experience they will have while using it is sure to keep them coming back for more.The JMango360 App Marketing Support Team will help us out with that in the next coming months.

Altogether, we are overjoyed with the results and foresee a bright future. For that reason we recommended JMango360 to other webstores, too. Oh, and of course I’m happy I don’t receive as many orders on coasters anymore.”

What prompted the need for a De Lange Unique Wines app?

“I increasingly received messages on my phone from clients with orders written down on small notes or coasters. This obviously started to take up much of my time, as I needed to put these orders in to our system manually. That’s when I realized that my customers didn’t want to open their laptops after a hard day’s work.

As an entrepreneur I’m focussed on simplifying everything for my customers. And when I visited a lecture of top economist Cor Molenaar, I got the last push in the right direction. He said that 80% of all wine stores will go bankrupt if they keep continue offering their services via their websites only.”

Why did you choose JMango360?

“Our webstore builder Ecomwise recommended JMango360 because of their good experiences and that’s why we looked into your company.

We love the integration between our webstore and the app. Because of that, we receive all orders in just one back office, which saves us a lot of time and manual work. Furthermore, the design is beautiful and reflects our brand perfectly.

Through the app platform, we can view our own app analytics and send out push messages ourselves. We can even make adjustments, like changing a home banner or the order of categories. With a custom made app you need to pay high set-up costs and you pay for every tiny thing you want to change.

JMango360 suited our budget. You get a quality app for a fair price and good customer service.”